6 Top-Rated Restaurants And Attractions In Maine: What Surpass Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier?

Few states own many iconic monuments as Maine. When we think of that northern New England state, fishing ports with waves breaking against a rocky coast immediately come to mind. And, of course, so do the signature seafood restaurants in Portsmouth NH, such as Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier or Lobster Cove York Maine. Save our list of the top attractions in Maine as a reference to find the best locations to visit.

#1 Surf

I rank Surf at the top of the best seafood restaurants in Portsmouth NH

If you’re searching for the greatest seafood chowder in New England, this is the place to go! 

Coming to Surf, you will get the best quality seafood in this town. That is thanks to the close collaboration of Surf staff with fishers and captains here. Combined with Chef Michael Buckley’s expertise, this seafood joint renders a real seafood atmosphere.

Where to go:  99 Bow St Suite 200W, Portsmouth, NH 03801, US. 

Official website: https://www.surfseafood.com/ 

Opening days and hours (in Portsmouth, not Nashua):

  • Mon – Tues: Closed
  • Wed – Thu: 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Fri – Sun: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • On some holidays, the restaurant will be closed or open at a different time than usual. Please keep an eye on the website or call ahead if you plan to visit Surf these days.

Phone: (603) 334-9855

#2 Lobster Cove York Maine

Who can imagine that dishes in a local eatery taste like a fancy restaurant like this?

Lobster Cove York Maine
Lobster Cove York Maine’s menu taste like a well-known restaurant’s – Photo from www.tripadvisor.com

As a highlight in Maine, Lobster Cove York Maine was great with friendly staff and one of its signature dishes: The pumpkin white Russian.

Here is a quick summary of reviews for this spot: Ocean view atmosphere; friendly and professional service (even though Lobster Cove York Maine is usually busy); but with reasonable menu prices! 

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; its menu has a diversity of yummy deep-fried seafood comes with yummy fries and coleslaw, with an average price of about $20

Lobster Cove York Maine
Lobster Cove York Maine – Photo from www.tripadvisor.com

Where to go: 756 York St, York, ME 03909, US.

Official website: https://www.lobstercoverestaurant.com/ 

 Opening days and hours:

  • Mon: 11:30 am to 8:00 pm
  • Tues – Wed: Closed
  • Thu: 11:30 am to 8:00 pm
  • Fri – Sat: 11:30 am to 8:30 pm
  • Sun: 11:30 am to 8:00 pm

Phone: +1 207 351 1100

#3 Jumpin’ Jays Fish Café

seafood restaurants in Portsmouth NH
Jumpin’ Jays Fish Café’s minimal logo – Photo from stnicholas90.com

The food quality at Jumpin Jays Fish Café is some of the greatest you can find nowhere. This eatery mixes locally-sourced fresh fish with a minimalist aesthetic (just look at its logo). You can taste the freshness of the ocean in each bite. This seafood joint serves fresh fish arriving daily from local fishers and exotic catches from some reputable sources abroad. 

Also, don’t forget to go to the raw bar featuring local shellfish from just across the block.  Everyone is welcomed by a casually trendy atmosphere!

seafood restaurants in Portsmouth NH
Jumpin’ Jays Fish Café’s signature dish – Photo from stnicholas90.com

Where to go: 150 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801, US.

Official website: https://www.jumpinjays.com/ 

Opening days and hours:

  • Mon, Tues, and Thur: 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Fri – Sat: 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Wed and Sun: Closed

Phone: 603.766.3474

#4 Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier

Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier
Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier – Photo from www.tripadvisor.com

Let’s continue with the southern tip of Maine. Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier in Kittery Point, serving up fresh lobster since the 1930s, stays away from the hustle and bustle of outlet-mall crowds of nearby Kittery. This gorgeous waterside eatery is on a 200-foot-wide planked pier alongside a huge tidal stream. With this unique location, Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier is a must-visit in the town of Kittery, Maine.

Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier is a wonderful spot to tuck into fresh and meaty lobsters imported daily from the cold-water heaven Canada with its iconic colorfully painted picnic tables and a passing watercraft bird’s-eye view.

Where to go: 16 Chauncey Creek Rd, Kittery Point, ME 03905, US.

Official website: http://www.chaunceycreek.com/ 

Opening days and hours:

  • Mother’s Day through Labor Day: Open daily from 11:00 am to 8 pm. 
  • Post-Labor Day through Columbus Day: Open Tues through Sun from 11 am to 7 pm
  • Closed on Tuesday after Labor Day every year

Phone: (207) 439-1030 

#5 Nubble Lighthouse (Cape Neddick Light)

Nubble Lighthouse, Cape Neddick Light
Nubble Lighthouse (Cape Neddick Light)’s fairy tale scene – Photo from www.docksidegq.com

Maybe Nubble Lighthouse is the most photographed lighthouse in New England, and it’s certainly one of the most accessible.

For the holiday season in late November, the lighthouse and keeper cabin are illuminated. You can see the lighthouse from the ocean by taking a cruise from Ogunquit.

Where to go: Sohier Park Rd, York, ME 03909, US.

Official website: http://nubblelight.org/ 

#6 West Quoddy Head

West Quoddy Head - chauncey creek lobster pier
West Quoddy Head – Photo from www.lonelyplanet.com

Thanks to its stunning red-and-white-striped lighthouse, West Quoddy Head has become one of the most popular tourist spots on Maine’s northeast coast. It gives us a fantastic feeling when standing at the easternmost point of the United States.

It’s worth hiking 5 miles to explore the prime spot to see marine birds, especially during the spring and fall migrations. You might also find humpbacks, minkes, and finback whales in narrows nearby.

A one-mile short route in the park leads to a coastal plateau bog with subarctic and arctic flora that we rarely see in this far south.

Where to go: 973 S Lubec Rd, Lubec, ME 04652, US

Official website: https://westquoddy.com/ 

What’s More To Explore In Maine?

Maine, Portsmouth NH - chauncey creek lobster pier
A reflection on a calm morning at Maine – Photo from www.pressherald.com

Maine will spoil you for many choices with museums, art heritage, historical sights, and natural wonders. Besides seafood restaurants in Portsmouth NH, such as Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier or Lobster Cove York Maine, there is more to explore in the lovely town filled with colorful boats, tall pine trees, and lighthouses. The miles and miles of moose-habitat backwoods possess their specific allure, building the image of a lone canoe drifting slowly on a calm lake surrounded by woods.

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