The Very Best Breakfast In Key Largo (And Possibly In The U.S)! 

 Bacon and eggs. Blueberry muffins. Cereal dipping in a milky pool. These time-honored breakfasts instantly bring back those childhood memories when you woke up to the sound of your mom heating up a skillet, waiting for that pat of butter to bubble. 

There is a reason Americans love breakfast so much, almost more than lunch and dinner. People across the globe echo the sentiment that it’s the most essential meal of the day. Beyond the prominence, though, it’s reminiscent of a simpler time, lazy mornings and those spent rushing to class, skinned knees, and creamy hot cocoa. Oh, did I forget to say that it also tastes good? 

Being a popular tourist attraction, Key Largo is rife with breakfast spots. Still, one of them is worth seeking out more than the others. If you are having a good time at the “diving capital of the world” and would like to try out the best breakfast in Key Largo, read on. Enjoyfuntrip knows where to go! 

Best Breakfast In Key Largo: Harriette’s Restaurant

Opening hours: 6 AM – 3 PM


Harriette’s Restaurant
This yellow shack in Key Largo is home to the world-famous breakfast – Source: Road Food

If the best breakfast in Reno belongs to Great Full Gardens, then in Key Largo, people come to Harriette’s for the most wonderful treat. 

To me, Harriette’s is not a hidden gem. My friends who live in Key Largo have brought up this name a thousand times. Some even said that if you’ve never tried the dishes there, you’ve never been to the island. 

On my April trip to Key Largo, I realized they were right. Trust me when I say you wouldn’t want to miss this amazing finding

Harriette’s Restaurant is located at Mile Marker 95.7. Visitors can see it from the bay side of the highway. Formerly a family home, the yellow shack has been renovated into a charming little restaurant. Many parking spaces are available, which is a significant point in Harriette’s favor.

My first impression is… well, this isn’t the place for fine-dining seekers! Rather, Harriette’s is one of those family-operated, intimate eateries with a homey vibe that makes customers feel instantly at home. 

Being entitled to the “best breakfast in Key Largo“, the restaurant is quite busy in the morning. That means you will have to wait a bit for a seat. If you opt for countertop seating, however, the wait will be shorter. 

Since my buddies and I were starving, we sat at the counter and had a nice chit-chat with the staff. They were super friendly and humourous – in a typical Florida way. Plus, it’s an amazing spot to watch all the mouth-watering dishes coming out of the kitchen. That made it more challenging to decide what to get for breakfast! 

Harriette’s Breakfast Menu 

To my surprise, all the food at Harriette’s comes at reasonable prices, ranging from $1.95 to $11.25. That’s rare in tourist attractions like Key West and Key Largo, especially for such a landmark eatery. 

Since they specialize in breakfast, there are plenty of options for everyone. Our group ordered a variety, from classic breakfast dishes to burritos and biscuits. Everyone’s taste buds were satisfied. The burrito was packed with goodness, and the biscuits were baked to perfection. You can enjoy them with different toppings, such as sausage gravy or chipped beef gravy. All loved the flavorful beef gravy, so if you are a fan of biscuits, don’t miss out on this! 

But the show’s star is, without a doubt, Harriette’s specialty breakfast muffins. According to the locals, that’s what gained the restaurant its  reputation in the first place. 

The choices of muffin flavors here are extensive: Apple pie, cinnamon swirl, pumpkin, mango, chocolate, Guava cream cheese, and so on. Still, key lime is the local legend. Just by taking one bite, all the freshness of key lime pies will bust in your mouth. Speaking of delicious!

Harriette’s Key Lime Muffins
After indulging in a big, hot breakfast, don’t forget to order some extra muffins as a takeaway – Source: Once A Month Meals

Harriette’s Brunch Menu

Though widely famous for its breakfasts, Harriette’s is also the perfect place to enjoy a Key Largo brunch. The restaurant’s menu is cleverly packed with simple yet indulgent dishes that are perfect for a late-morning meal. 

What makes brunching at Harriette’s a special experience is the wide selection of seafood dishes. After all, you are in one of the Keys, where the freshest catches are sold and served. Try out the homemade shrimp Arnaud, which is boiled shrimp with a juicy, tangy remoulade. The dish will forever change the way you think about brunch! 

Other Top-Rated Restaurants In Key Largo

Harriette’s might have the best breakfast in Key Largo (and possibly in the U.S). But if you are a foodie, just like me, I know you wouldn’t want to stick with a single eatery for the whole trip! 

As mentioned, Florida’s long key has plenty of exciting food stops. Aside from the good old one, below are some other best restaurants in Key Largo for you to explore.  

  1. Doc’s Diner

Opening hours: 6 AM – 2 PM


Unlike Harriette’s, which has become one of Key Largo’s signature spots, Doc’s Diner is rather low-key. Little do people know, it was awarded the Best Breakfast, Best Cup Of Coffee, and Best Restaurant Service in the Upper Keys People’s Choice Awards. Rated 4.5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor, there’s no surprise Doc’s Diner is the locals’ all-time favorite, one they wouldn’t randomly share with the tourists.

Despite its name, Doc’s Diner is famous for its old-fashioned breakfast. This includes homemade waffles, pancakes, omelets, sausages, and gravy. These delicious American classics are served in huge portions, so make sure you come hungry. 

Along with excellent service and low prices, Doc’s Diner definitely deserves a spot on your bucket list! 

  1. High Tide Restaurant 

Opening hours: 8 AM – 9 PM


Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the High Tide restaurant boasts an excellent view of the bay. Some even refer to it as the best restaurant in Key Largo on the water. Just like Doc Diner, the eatery is family-owned and operated. Thanks to its wonderful location, however, High Tide would make the ideal setting for a romantic date night. 

High Tide Restaurant Key Largo
High Tide restaurant boasts an amazing view and a laid-back atmosphere – Source:

Speaking about the food, you won’t be able to resist the indulgent Southern Benedict. Who doesn’t want a perfectly poached egg topped with luscious, silky hollandaise sauce? The restaurant also prides itself on an extensive seafood sandwich menu, from fried oysters to fried soft-shell crab. Yum! 

  1. Sharkey’s Sharkbite Grill

Opening hours: 7 AM – 12 AM 


This friendly waterfront hub is not only a fun place for breakfast but also lunch, dinner, and late-night treats. On the weekends, Sharkey’s offers live music and Happy Hours. 

Aside from all the breakfast classics, they also serve Bloody Mary, mimosa, and shrimp n’ grits. You can enjoy fresh local seafood while taking in the glorious sunset by the bay! 

  1. La Marea

Opening hours: 7 AM – 2 PM


Looking for something a bit more classy? Check out La Marea! Nestled in the Playa Largo Resort, its menu features a contemporary twist on Mediterranean cuisine. The aroma of Chef Karl’s handmade breakfast, pizzas, pasta, and baked goods is sure to tantalize your senses.

For me, though, the best part of our meal was the exceptional service. All the staff was warm, friendly, and helpful. They put a smile on our faces every time they came to check on us. 

One Meal To Rule Them All! 

For a long time, the vibrant island of Key Largo has been known as a paradise for adventurous souls. There is no shortage of thrilling water activities, outdoor expeditions, and endless excitement under the sunshine. 

Before embarking on the next adventure, though, make sure to kickstart the day with the best breakfast in Key Largo! A dish full of goodness will boost your energy, keeping you ready for all the fun ahead. 

Pull up a chair and start nursing that mug of coffee – it’s time for breakfast! 

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