13 Beautiful Beaches In Vieques: This Puerto Rico’s Black Sand Beach Is So Stunning

If you’re looking for gorgeous beaches, look no further than Vieques. Indeed, many have heard of Vieques and its world-famous bioluminescent bay, forgetting that the area is home to some of the most beautiful beaches (like stunning Black Sand Beach Puerto Rico) in the Caribbean.

In today’s post, we’ll go through the 13 best beaches in Vieques that you might explore on your next visit. These areas are all pristine, and most are still pretty unpopulated!

Vieques, An Island For Beach Lovers 

Isla de Vieques is among Puerto Rico’s remote islands. This little island is located around 7 miles from the shore of Puerto Rico. It is a community of the Puerto Rican sovereign, together with bordering Culebra.

Instead of getting filled with high-rise condominiums or all-inclusive complexes, most of Vieques’ loveliest beaches and coves retain their natural beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Although Puerto Rico’s weather is favorable throughout the year, the best season to explore Vieques is April-May. This is because it’s not too hot and doesn’t drop too low.

Indeed, the mean daily temperature from April to May is nearly 29°C (around 84°F); however, readings can occasionally go as high as 29°C (approximately 85°F) on the hottest mornings of the season. The typical low temperature in wintertime hovers around 24°C (76°F), with the coldest nights averaging 22°C (72°F).

A Small Note Before Diving Into The List 

Most beaches in Vieques got 2 names: the native Spanish name and the English one provided by the US troops to the whole expanse of beachfront. Playa La Chiva, for instance, is known as “Blue Beach” on several maps and publications.

The foreign invasion is still a sensitive topic for most Vieques islanders, and most find the adoption of English beach titles offensive (except for Sun Bay, we only ever saw locals call the beaches on Vieques by their Spanish nicknames).

Thus, strive to use Spanish as often as you can. Even if you mispronounce a name, the natives will appreciate it more than only using the English moniker.

13 Most Beautiful Beaches In Vieques, Puerto Rico 

La Chiva Beach/Blue Beach

If you enjoy strolls, fantasizing about scuba diving in crystal clear water, and admiring magnificent surroundings, you must explore this stunning beach of La Chiva.

This beach was called “Blue Beach” throughout the Navy’s occupation of the area; however, the title is no more employed, and islanders love the actual name of La Chiva. La Chiva Beach’s water is absolutely stunning.

La Chiva Beach takes the No.1 spot on our list. - Boricua OnLine - black sand beach puerto rico
La Chiva Beach takes the No.1 spot on our list. – Boricua OnLine  

This is an artist’s fantasy, resembling a palette of blue shades. The water is very clean, with seagrass beds strewing about where schools of beautiful fishes like to play.

Even in the wintertime (under usual weather settings), the waves are calm and small, making them ideal for little kids. In addition, the water gets clearer and gentler throughout the summer, making diving even more pleasant.

Pack lots of sunblock and moisturizers to refill once every hour if you plan on spending an entire day enjoying the underwater realm. Snorkeling is ideal around the rocky regions and at the little cove at the end of the shore.

You’ll be able to observe the scenic sceneries of the area, with its plentiful luxuriant green plants and pristine shoreline, as you make your way to the end of the shore.

Playa Negra/ Black Sand Beach Puerto Rico

You don’t have to go all the way to a far-flung area like Hawaii to enjoy and see what it’s like to dip your feet into black sand.

Parts of the island, such as Monte Pirata, are volcanic; and a few of this spectacular volcanic rock is carried down a quebrada (creek) after heavy rains, eventually wound up at this beautiful beach of Black Sand Beach.

Some sites on the island, like Playa Cofi on the northern shore and Punta Arenas Beach on the further western tip of the island, also feature some black sand, however not nearly as much as in Puerto Rico’s Playa Negra.

Puerto Rico’s Black Sand Beach boasts a unique beauty. - Uncommon Caribbean black sand beach puerto rico
Puerto Rico’s Black Sand Beach boasts a unique beauty. – Uncommon Caribbean 

Take a picture since the scenery is breathtaking. Perfectly sculpted driftwood, rocky walls, and desert-like shrubs carpeting the rocky side behind you clash with rich black, golden sand, azure oceans, and foaming white foam are genuinely breathtaking.

This beach enchants tourists; Playa Negra is unquestionably one of Vieques’ top 3 best beaches to explore. The Victoria’s Secret Angels lately shot the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special on the island, and one of the spots was this Black Sand Beach Puerto Rico.

Caracas Beach

Playa Caracas is a kid-friendly beach popular among natives. Since it is located in Corcho bay, it is also referred to as Bahia del Corcho.

Furthermore, when the Navy seized the area, they renamed Playa Caracas into “Red Beach;” however, the former Navy title is no longer applied on the island.

Caracas Beach is super popular among natives, - Vrbo black sand beach puerto rico
Caracas Beach is super popular among natives, – Vrbo 

The sea has lovely turquoise shades, and the sandy shore has a very silky and subtle white coral. Moreover, as the beach only features ripples, it is ideal for kids to try some boogie boarding.

The beach is large, with lots of sand for groups to sprawl out and relax; on weekends, you may see groups having beach volleyball. Although the area used to be pretty underrated, Caracas Beach has lately received a lot of public attention after the presence of Victoria’s Secret.

The famous lingerie brand recorded the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special here and successfully showcased the area’s gorgeous blue sea, picturesque landscape, and towering cliffs, which provided the ideal background.

Cofi Beach

Get a front-row ticket at Playa Cofi, often referred to as “Seaglass Beach” by English-speaking tourists.

This beach focuses primarily on pleasing your eyes. 

Indeed, there are so many colors in this area: from the azure color of the water, the pure white of foam brushing your toes, clashing with the shiny colorful gravels that rest on the golden yellow shore, to the brilliant show of sea glass bursting in front of your eyes as you travel down the coastline.

Cofi is among the best sea glass beaches in the US. - Travelawait
Cofi is among the best sea glass beaches in the US. – Travelawait 

Calm your thoughts, pay heed to the ripples, and relax in the gentle hug of the Caribbean air, which many local and international artists visit this shore in search of. Take these sea crystals as a wonderful gift that the area has kept only for you.

On the east of the beach, appreciate the poetic Faro Punta Mulas, Fortin Conde de Mirasol, and the arrival of the ferries to Isabel Segunda in sight. Meanwhile, on the west, you’ll sight the main island of Puerto Rico and the Northern shore of Vieques.

Escondida Beach

You’ll feel like you’re in a tropical paradise once you tour Playa Escondida.

Escondida Beach is perhaps the smallest beach on the island: It’s only the size of “a fresco on the wall of a building,” except that it’s alive, moving, and pulsing. Thus, it’s no surprise that so many visitors return to Vieques season after season; this paradise is what tropical fantasies are built on.

Escondida beach is the “hidden” gem of Puerto Rico. - Discover Puerto Rico black sand beach puerto rico
Escondida beach is the “hidden” gem of Puerto Rico. – Discover Puerto Rico 

Escondida (meaning hidden) appears as though nature built it only big enough for just a couple of visitors; you’ll feel like you’re on your private white sand beach.

This beach is shallow, and there is little sand. However, there’s still enough room to set up your loungers and tables on the shore or grassland, take in the outlying cliffs’ panoramas, pay heed to the calm ripples, and, of course, go for a plunge.

This charming beach inlet is surrounded by lush valleys that serve as a beautiful backdrop. The sea is calmest throughout the summer season, making it an excellent site for diving and snorkeling in an area you’ll almost certainly have to yourself as other tourists flock to Playa La Chiva and the more approachable shores.

Esperanza Beach

Playa Esperanza is a popular destination for kids and adults in the neighborhood. This lovely place is positioned on El Malecon on the southern edge of Vieques.

Indeed, Esperanza Beach is Vieques’ only beachside site with restaurants, motels, small guesthouses, and toilet amenities in easy reach. In addition, many travel companies embark from here, making it the most convenient location to lodge.  

Esperanza Beach is the most convenient place for visitors. - Vieques Insider
Esperanza Beach is the most convenient place for visitors. – Vieques Insider 

Throughout low tide, you may enjoy a leisure stroll along the shoreline heading westward, which will get you to Playa Grande and pass Playa Negrita (Black Sand Beach).

Sun Bay Beach is also a short distance eastward from Esperanza Beach. On weekends, the beach in Esperanza is a community fave; kids and teenagers leap off the dock into the crystal blue seas for hours.

Media Luna Beach

If you’re looking for privacy, travel eastward down the sandy path that stretches along Sun Bay, and you’ll reach a small forest. At the crossroads, take the left turn. Within a few hundred miles, you’ll come across Playa Media Luna, a safe, secluded beach ideal for youngsters.

Best sand in the area? Media Luna Beach has it! - Boricua OnLine
Best sand in the area? Media Luna Beach has it! – Boricua OnLine 

Sand as fine as flour, the nicest water in the area, a very gentle pitch, and extremely gentle water assure the best experience of even the youngest tourists. There are no waves since the beach is nestled in a deep cove.

Furthermore, as you may go 40-50 feet and still stay in shallow waters, it’s perfectly safe for small kids. The area is also a fantastic site for sunbathing and water activities.

Visitors can host huge group BBQs or family’s intimate picnics on the grassland sections among the trees. These pavilions and picnicking spots have recently been reworked.

Mosquito Pier Beaches

You’ll be taken away by magnificent vistas of pristine shoreline and beautiful vegetation as you walk along the pier. You’ll count yourself lucky to have discovered such a remarkable area and even more privileged to be among the few people who have visited it.

As you approach Mosquito Pier, look to the right for Playa La Pea. Meanwhile, if you drive onto Mosquito Pier and turn left (western side of the pier), you’ll arrive at Playa Blaydin, a family-friendly location known as Mosquito Beach. Since the water is shallow and clean, it’s safe for kids to try out some snorkeling.

Mosquito Pier is definitely a must-visit in Puerto Rico. - TripAdvisor.
Mosquito Pier is definitely a must-visit in Puerto Rico. – TripAdvisor. 

Scuba divers here will have a chance to enjoy schools of Caribbean sunfish, betta fish, grunts, starfish, and much more. If you go around the pier, you will see several locations that are teeming with starfish.

To safeguard the corals and their complex habitat, please avoid handling or removing starfish; even a few ticks out of the water might result in their death. Most villagers and visitors gather along the pier to quietly sit and unwind talk with pals on weekends.

Navio Beach

The mild bubbling fun waves plus secret caverns are what define Playa Navio. The melodies of the sea are captivating, and the beach is vast and beautiful, making it ideal for sitting down and reading your favorite author. What contributes to the area’s beauty is the enclosing cliffs, with a luxuriant stretch of sea grape vegetation, palm trees, and native flora.

Navio beach’s beauty is speechless. - Conde Nast Traveler
Navio beach’s beauty is speechless. – Conde Nast Traveler 

You’ve probably heard us mention that the beaches on Vieques boast gorgeous blue and green colored shades. However, the colors of Navio are a bit different. They are richer, like a masterpiece of deep colors.

There are plenty of exciting things to try out on this one. Not only it’s a great place for newbie surfers to practice handling the waves, but Navio is also fantastic for boogie boarding.

For those looking for a bit extra adventure, travel towards the cliffs to explore secret caverns. However, because there are no lifeguards near Navio Beach, exercise caution and avoid taking excessive risks; you should use the area at your own risk.

Playa Grande Beach

Playa Grande should be on your shortlist to explore if you enjoy wandering along the beach. You’ll feel like you’re in an editorial photography session as you wander. Playa Grande’s landscape and atmosphere are also as grand as its name indicates.

There won’t be too many tourists in this area even in peak seasons. Coming here, you’ll meet amicable pelicans and lovely Paso Fino horses running down the sand. The trek from Playa Grande to adjacent beaches best represents “the Caribbean as nature meant it to be”… untamed, wild, and unrestrained.

Playa Grande boasts an irresistible Caribean vibe. - Hello Canary Islands
Playa Grande boasts an irresistible Caribean vibe. – Hello Canary Islands 

Playa Grande has the most unusual sand shore in the region. The sand is exceedingly gritty, consisting of an eclectic mix of fractured seashells, coral pebbles, and small soft gravels.

You’ll notice various tiny jewels from the shore during your walk; a small shell that strikes your attention will be the ideal keepsake to spark memories in Vieques. You’ll feel the air nuzzle your fingers as you cuddle with your significant one, and your toes will tread over sand that slowly turns from golden to soft glittering black.

You may also visit the ancient Sugar Plantation remains around. In Vieques, beauty appears to have no bounds; regardless of where you walk, you will discover splendor to beat any other Caribbean beach.

Pata Prieta Beach

It’s a beach nook on the island’s southern edge. This beach has no sidewalk, 4 wheel driving is advisable, and the route could be in worse condition when it pours, but it is well worth the journey.

Pata Prieta provides excellent snorkeling, notably during the summer season. We sometimes encounter manta rays, and the ocean plants are lovely. The sea is stunning, with jewel-toned shades ranging from turquoise to dark blues that change under the light.

Pata Prieta Beach is also a stunning spot. - Vrbo
Pata Prieta Beach is also a stunning spot. – Vrbo

The waves are still relatively calm throughout the colder months or when it rains. The waters are often gentle, ideal for both parents and kids to enjoy a relaxing dip.

The environment is warm and inviting; the beach is modest, with verdant green shrubs surrounding the whole stretch of the beach and tiny gravels at each end. 

Plata Beach (Orchid)

It’s a honeymooner’s paradise, a sense of utter privacy enveloped by the quintessence of Caribbean romances. Indeed, Playa La Plata is among the few sites in Vieques with the pristine white sand shore that glows as the wave hits the shoreline.

We frequently spot newlyweds and lovely couples lounging on their beach loungers or snorkeling together in complete serenity, having the shoreline all to themselves or enjoying it with 1 or 2 more couples.

Plata Beach (Orchid)
Plata Beach is perfect for couples and newlyweds. – BoricuaOnline

Silence, stunning landscape, gentle winds, coral reefs, and a couple of VIP parking areas with spectacular views are the primary “luxuries” at La Plata. Unfortunately, there isn’t much shade, but as La Plata is barely populated, you can find one of the very few comfortable shaded nooks and claim them your own.

La Plata’s beach is at the top rank due to its beautiful turquoise-colored tints. Furthermore, it offers the cleanest water when the weather is favorable, notably in the summer season.

Punta Arenas Beach

If you want to explore a spot with a “secluded” vibe, Punta Arenas, the most isolated, is the site to go. Punta Arenas, formerly nicknamed “Green Beach,” is located on the northwestern edge of Vieques and stretches along the island’s eastern coast.

Punta Arenas is child-friendly; there are many shallow spots safe for kids to swim and snorkel.  If you are not an experienced snorkeler, this is also a good beach as the water is pretty calm on the Caribbean side of Punta Arenas.

The journey to Punta Arenas accounts for 1⁄2 the pleasure. The vegetation alongside the gravel road is luxuriant, and passing through it is like you’re in a tropical forest. 

Punta Arenas Beach offers serene sceneries. - BoracuaOnline. - black sand beach puerto rico
Punta Arenas Beach offers serene sceneries. – BoracuaOnline. 

Furthermore, on the way, you will travel through Laguna Kiani, which has strong mangrove networks and no traffic congestion or automobile sounds, only the sound of birds chirping.

On a sunny day, this sandy area at the end of the strip (the northwestern tip of Vieques) is renowned for boats from the central area of Puerto Rico and a particularly picturesque place.

Wrapping Up 

Vieques is indeed the Caribbean dream of anyone. They feature that authentic vibe with poetic sights, towering cliffs, lush vegetation, and of course, crystal-clear water. Here, you might find the most tranquil beaches and some unique ones (like Black Sand Beach Puerto Rico); thus, wait no more and add some new spots to your Vieques itinerary next time!

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