The Best Tips To Travel From Hilton Head To Tybee Island

Hilton Head is close to many cities and islands. From Hilton Head, you can travel to the beautiful Tybee Island. This place impresses visitors with its sandy beach and clear blue sea. If you plan a trip from Hilton Head to Tybee Island, you must not miss the following experiences while traveling between the two islands.

How To Travel?

The distance between Hilton Head and Tybee Island is approximately 48.8 miles. The length can be longer or shorter depending on the route. It can take you about 1 hour and 30 minutes to travel to Tybee Island.

Travel By Car

Traveling by car is quite suitable for family trips. You can drive yourself from Hilton Head to Tybee Island, taking in the scenery and stopping at your favorite places. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it can be faster or slower depending on traffic. Also, you can quickly move from Tybee Island to Hilton Head if you have a car.

Travel By Water Taxi

Instead of driving yourself, you can go to Savannah and buy a ferry ticket or a water taxi. That is an exciting way to move around while resting and relaxing, and enjoying nature. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Savannah to Tybee Island.

Travel By Plane

For safer travel, you can depart from Hilton Head Airport. Tybee Island tickets range between $120 and $150. The flight time is approximately 1 hour and 21 minutes. You can completely relax on the plane before enjoying yourself on Tybee Island.

You can go from Hilton Head to Tybee Island by plane and taxi
You can go by plane from Hilton Head to Tybee Island – Source:

Must-Do Activities On Tybee Island

Experience Local Cuisine

Fresh seafood is one of Tybee Island’s specialties. Popular restaurants serving fresh local seafood include Crab Shack and StingRay’s Seafood. Here you may find a wide range of seafood and extraordinary beverages. You may also unwind while taking in the beautiful sea view and mild breeze. If you enjoy sweets, try stopping by Seaweed’s Sno-Balls and Ice Cream, which offers a variety of sweets to suit your taste.

If you like sweets, stop by this place, which has a wide choice of sweets to choose from.
Food is an integral part of the trip from Hilton Head to Tybee Island – Source:

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Check-In At Famous Places

On Tybee Island, you can find Fort Pulaski National Monument. Fort Pulaski, an important site during the American Civil War, is preserved here. You should also pay a visit to Tybee Island’s old lighthouse. In addition, you can learn more about Tybee by visiting the exhibition that introduces the historical periods associated with the island’s landmarks.

In Tybee, you can see the historical island's sights.
From Hilton Head to Tybee Island, you can’t leave without taking some great check-in photos – Source:

Experience Kayaking In Georgia

Instead of figuring out the directions to Tybee island Georgia on your own, you should contact kayak service providers to sign up for a Georgia sea kayaking adventure. This way you can watch the sea while playing in the waves. However, this service is only available to those with prior kayaking or sailing experience. It’s necessary to experience this by enrolling in one of the kayaking classes, ranging from beginner to advanced.

A sea kayaking excursion in Georgia might assist you in playing in the waves.
If you have taken the time from Hilton Head to Tybee Island, you must try kayaking once – Source:

See And Take Pictures With Dolphins.

Tybee Island is famous for wild bottlenose dolphins. That is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to photograph the adorable dolphins. To experience the exciting activities at sea, you should contact a provider of cruises and close-up dolphins watching in advance, such as Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours or Captain Derek’s Dolphin Adventures. In addition to dolphin watching, these units provide fishing services and sunset excursions.

Tybee Island is famous for wild bottlenose dolphins.
Dolphin watching is one of the must-try experiences for a trip from Hilton Head to Tybee Island – Source:

Ride A Bike On Beautiful Roads

Tybee Island has a beautiful blue sea and sunshine, but it also has gorgeous cycling roads. On both sides of the road, you can enjoy cycling while also enjoying the scenery. You can rent bicycles for a reasonable price from Tim’s Bike and Beach Gear and ride around the beautiful neighborhoods.

Tim's Bike and Beach Gear rents bicycles for a reasonable fee.
From Hilton Head to Tybee Island, it’s worth the experience of cycling around the colorful neighborhoods – Source: /

Watch Seabirds

Visitors to Tybee Island can see seabirds migrating from the North Pole in the winter. The black-bellied conifer, dunlin, turnstone, and many other valuable birds are notable bird species. That is an excellent opportunity for you to take pictures of nature with unique birds.

Visitors to Tybee Island is an excellent opportunity for you to take pictures of nature with unique birds.
Tourists from Hilton Head to Tybee Island are especially interested in capturing rare seabirds photos – Source:

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Places To Stay On Tybee Island 

If you plan to spend the night in Tybee, consider the following recommendations for well-rated hotels.

Tybee Hotel

Address: 1401 Strand Ave, Tybee Island, GA 31328, U.S.A

This hotel offers various services and amenities to guests, including bicycles, an outdoor swimming pool, and a tiki bar. Tybee Hotel has a more than 130-year history and is very popular with visitors. The hotel has over 200 rooms, a restaurant, a pool, and a conference room. The view from Tybee Hotel overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, which is breathtakingly beautiful.

The Atlantic Ocean, which is stunningly magnificent, is seen from the Tybee Hotel.
Before traveling from Hilton Head to Tybee Island, you should contact nearby hotels to book a room – Source:

Desoto Beach Hotel

Address: 212 Butler Ave, GA 31328, U.S.A

Desoto has been in operation since 1999, providing visitors with a full range of modern amenities. The hotel has more than 30 rooms, each with a TV, coffee maker, and free wifi. You can also enjoy sunbathing and relaxation in the hotel’s game areas. Desoto also provides bicycle rentals and beach lounge chairs.

After going from Hilton Head to Tybee Island, Desoto is a terrific place to stay.
You will need a place to stay after traveling from Hilton Head to Tybee Island – Source:

Admiral’s Inn

Address: 1501 Butler Ave, Tybee Island, GA 31328, U.S.A

Admiral’s Inn is centrally located on Tybee Island. This hotel has also been named a Tybee Island favorite. The hotel has 41 luxury rooms. Each room is fully equipped with a refrigerator, television, hairdryer, microwave, coffee maker, etc. You can also enjoy complimentary breakfast and free high-speed internet.

The excursion from Hilton Head to Tybee Island will be more complete if you stay at Admiral's Inn.
Staying in a good hotel will make the trip from Hilton Head to Tybee Island more complete – Source:

If you are visiting Tybee Island for the first time, you must not miss the above activities. From our guide to getting from Hilton Head to Tybee Island, you can choose the best mode of transportation for your needs. However, if you decide to drive to Tybee on your own, proceed with caution. Before you leave, don’t forget to take check-in photos and share your experiences with your friends.
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