Horseback Riding Half Moon Bay: 7 Best Ranches For Your Horse Riding Experience

If you’re all about horseback riding, then you shouldn’t skip Half Moon Bay. The area is full of ranches and offers excellent services. 

However, this sometimes leaves people clueless, not knowing where to go to have the best experience and an affordable price. If you also share the same problem, today’s post on the 7 best horseback riding Half Moon Bay ranches is for you. Keep on reading!  

Sea Horse Ranch

Address: 1828 Cabrillo Hwy N, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Sea Horse Ranch is among the most famous horseback riding facilities in the area. 

The site provides a wonderful combo of equestrian rides on Half Moon Bay’s renowned Coastal Equestrian Trail and a serene journey alongside the gentle sea ripples at Poplar Beach.

If you’re asking, “How much is horseback riding on Sea Horse Ranch?” check the price list below:

  • 60-min Trail Ride Ticket: $70
  • 90-min Trail plus Beach Ride Ticket: $80
  • 120-min Trail plus Beach Ride Ticket: $90

Although the charges seem a bit higher than other local ranches, the site does have early-bird discounts and Tuesday/Thursday deals that are less expensive than their standard rides and fees. For groups, they also offer package reservations and savings.

Sea Horse Ranch is accessible from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m for the whole week. However, note that they only allow children from 7 years old above to participate in their horseback riding programs.

Bay Area Ridge Riders

Address: 12670 Skyline Boulevard, Woodside, CA 94062

‘Bay Area Ridge Riders’ invites horseback riders to visit a wide range of tracks. From Sierra Azul Open Space Preservation Area to Skyline Ridge Open Space Reserve or nearby reserves, you’ll never run out of trail options.

Longer paths are also available. These trails include:

  • The Ridges’ Grand Tour, which passes through 5 Open Space Preservation Areas
  • The Lexington lake to Almaden Quicksilver County Park route
  • The Pescadero Creek County Park
  • The Half Moon Bay beach shore
Horseback Riding Half Moon Bay: 7 Best Ranches For Your Horse Riding Experience

One of the Bay Area Ridge Riders’ trails. – Sonoma County Tourism

If those above are a bit too long for you, the site also provides shorter routes of Monte Bello, Long Hillside, and the Russian Ridge Open Space Preservation Area.

Moreover, you can choose to ride on Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preservation Area, ​Calero County Park, or enjoy the hearty package of Wunderlich County Park at lunchtime at Alice’s Restaurant.

Tickets run from $180 to $360 based on the trail you choose and how long the journey takes. Yet, almost all tours involve a cookout meal or a restaurant luncheon.

Additionally, Bay Area ridge instructors also deliver a few riding classes on the sit. However, these lessons primarily aimed at experienced riders who are physically active and could understand directions. 

Yet, note that this ranch imposes a stricter age requirement than other facilities. They only approve children above the age of 15 to take part in the activities.

Lazy H Ranch

Address: 3100 Miramontes Point Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Lazy H Ranch offers more of a riding course than a leisure 60-minute horseback trip that walks you along the coastlines of the beautiful Half Moon Bay beaches

Unlike other ranches that are famous for primarily horse riding, the most renowned activity of Lazy H Ranch is the children’s summer courses. Not only do these 7-day courses offer various boarding choices, but they are also full of fun activities (of course, besides horseback riding). 

Lazy H Ranch

Lazy H Ranch is the next name on the list. – Harrigan Land Company

Another plus of this program is that it welcomes children as young as five years old. Meanwhile, they also provide private classes for older children, grownups, and skilled riders so that everyone gets to experience something/have some fun when coming here.

Regarding the price, Lazy H Ranch’s charges are pretty reasonable. Their 60-minute ride costs $50 for each participant, and their one-hour and thirty-minute ride costs $70. For the summer courses’ charges, contact the facility for more information.

However, note that the site only accepts reservations. 

Lemos Farm

Address: 12320 San Mateo Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

As the name implies, Lemos farm is a farm on which they provide horseback riding. The rides mainly are for young children, and thus, it’s not strange that pony riding is among the favorite programs here. 

Besides, the site also provides event zones for children’s birthday celebrations and other ceremonies. You could also enjoy a great picnic or BBQ here.

The admission price, which already covers pony riding, typically costs approximately $20. Children under the age of 14 months are also welcomed without any charge.

However, the farm only allows children who can sit properly to go for the pony ride.

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Square Peg Ranch

Address: PMB 402, 80 Cabrillo Hwy N suite q, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

This facility deserves a spot on the list since it accommodates the interests of kids with special concerns. 

Square Peg Ranch - horseback riding half moon bay

Square Peg Ranch is another great place for horseback riding. – Square Peg Foundation

Regardless of the kid’s problems, such as Asperger’s syndrome, Usher disorder, Duvet encephalopathy, depression, aggression, or hyperactivity, Square Peg Ranch adjusts to their specific taste of excitement.

The tickets’ price varies. Thus, call or email them to learn more.

Maloney’s Horses And Ponies

Address: 1820 Cabrillo Hwy N, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Unlike the above sites, Maloney’s Horses and Ponies doesn’t offer any trails to the beach. Yet, based on the route and length of the journey, you may travel across Half Moon Bay’s shoreline.

Maloney’s Horses And Ponies - horseback riding half moon bay

Maloney’s Horses and Ponies offers special training programs. – Groupon

The charge also differs depending on the riding route or special training; thus, contact them for more details. A plus of this facility is that they do run group coupons frequently. 

Moss Beach Ranch

Address: 1862 Etheldore St, Moss Beach, CA 94038

Enjoy amazing rides on the coastline roads of San Mateo’s Rancho Corral de Tierra. Not only do you experience the peaceful vibe while riding, but you will also have a chance to enjoy the track with four-legged companions on these routes. Indeed, this trail is the most dog-friendly site in the Half Moon Bay region; thus, you can bring your pets along.

Moss Beach Ranch - horseback riding half moon bay

Moss Beach Ranch has some special services that others don’t. – MapQuest 

An important detail to mention here is that if you’re an experienced rider, you may rent the horses from the site for a whole day or week. They also offer summer programs for children, personal training for grownups, and accommodation services if you want to spend the night.

Regarding the price, it fluctuates from $60 to $100, based on how long the ride takes. About other programs, contact the facility for more information.

Similar to other ranches, Moss Beach Ranch also has an age restriction for summer programs and rides. You have to be above 6 years old to be eligible for the activities.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, our article on the 7 best horseback riding Half Moon Bay ranches has helped you clear the path a bit. As each site above hosts a unique set of programs and courses, you’ll have to depend on your preferences to shortlist the names. Yet, regardless of which one you choose, we bet it’ll bring great memories! 

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