How Is Houston Weather In November? Top Things To Do In Houston

Houston weather in November is usually relatively mild with moderate temperatures. If you plan a trip to Houston, the following Houston fall weather information is for you.

Houston Weather In November


In Houston, the temperature can reach 16 degrees Celsius on any given day in November. The average temperature over a month exceeds 27 degrees Celsius. The temperature can reach 32 degrees Celsius only about once every ten years. In contrast, nighttime temperatures are about 4 degrees Celsius lower. The majority of Houston has never seen a nighttime frost.


Houston weather in November recorded about 49-120mm of rain. The year’s temperature is mainly divided into two types: a dry season and a wet season.


In November, there are a total of 166 hours of sunshine. Sunlight illuminates Houston for approximately 52 percent of the daytime hours. The sky is clear nine days out of the month, with the highest amount of clouds accounting for only about 30%. The sun shines for about 10 hours and 39 minutes in Houston every day.

Humidity & Wind

In November, humidity in Houston peaked at 89 percent in the morning and fell to 55 percent by mid-afternoon. In November, the wind speed is only about 12.2 kph.


Houston is expected to be free of tropical storms by November.

The weather in Houston in November is typically warm
Houston weather in November is generally quite pleasant – Source:

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Top Reasons To Visit Houston In November

Houston in November is cool and sunny. Therefore, if you want to avoid the cold in other parts of the United States, Houston is a great place to visit. Here are some fun Houston activities you should try.

Ride A Bike Or Go For A Walk

You can enjoy outdoor activities in the fall and winter because of the mild temperatures. You can go hiking or cycling around the city. You’ll quickly find cobblestone streets from downtown to Shepherd Drive in Houston. There are also many outdoor works, large parks, and wildlife viewing areas.

Enjoy A Relaxing Time At The Park

Hermann Park is one of Houston’s most well-known works. The space encompasses up to 180ha, which includes walking trails. Hermann also features playgrounds, a small lake, a golf course, and an outdoor theater for relaxation and entertainment. On the grounds of Hermann Park, you can also visit the Houston Zoo and the Museum of Natural Science.

Hermann Park is popular not only with tourists but also with locals
Houston weather in November is perfect for outdoor activities – Source:

Weather in Houston Texas in November is mild, so there are blooming flower gardens. This park is popular not only with tourists but also with locals. In the evening, there are attractive and exciting outdoor performances to enjoy. The park’s official website keeps track of upcoming events at Hermann. You can try searching Hermann Park before visiting here.

Dine At An Outdoor Restaurant

The average temperature in Houston in November is not too high, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Houston still has a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere even when other areas have begun to appear with frost and snow. You can enjoy a meal while viewing the scenery at the outdoor cafe. Some Houston must-try dinners include sautéed scallops, Texas gulf shrimp, chicken wrapped in red corn or diced cheese.

Play Golf

Fall in Houston will be ideal for practicing golf swings. Memorial Park Golf Course is a large and popular park in Houston. In addition to enjoying the nice weather, you can practice your golf shots here.

Houston's Memorial Park Golf Course is a vast and popular park.
You should try playing golf and enjoy the cool air with Houston weather in November – Source:

Visit The Tood Hall

When visiting Houston, you can’t help but see the city’s food halls. It serves dishes from all over the world to visitors. There’s something for everyone, from the underground beer garden to the stalls serving signature dishes ranging from poke bowls to decadent pizzas.

Visit The Underground Tunnel

A tour of Houston’s underground tunnels is a must-do. That tunnel was built in 1930, and now they have made more restaurants, souvenir shops, and transportation for visitors. Tourists can walk around the city through this tunnel. You should choose the tour with a guide to delve deeper into Houston’s history.

Tourists can use this tunnel to walk about the city.
Houston weather in November is very comfortable for visiting the underground tunnel – Source:

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View Artworks At The Houston Museum Of Fine Arts.

The Houston Museum of Fine Arts houses over 65,000 works of art from around the world. The Light Inside, a neon and light installation by James Turrell, is one of the standout pieces. You definitely cannot pass this opportunity if you are an art lover.

Experience Exciting Games At Kemah Boardwalk

The fall season is ideal for experiencing thrills at the Kemah Boardwalk, such as roller coasters and 40-mile-per-hour speed boat rides. If you’re traveling with your family, you can let the kids try out the games at the fairground and the aquarium. Before you leave, you can also buy lovely souvenirs and dine at nearby restaurants.

At the Kemah Boardwalk, the autumn season is great for thrill seekers.
You can enjoy the great outdoors with Houston weather in November – Source:

Experience The Exciting Atmosphere Of Festivals

If you visit Houston in November, you can enjoy a variety of festivals. Such as Dia de Los Muertos, Puerto Rican & Cuban Festival, Lone Star Rally, Dia de Los Muertos, Zoo Lights, Via Colori® Street Painting Festival. The Puerto Rican & Cuban Festival is one of Houston’s most notable events. You can sample delectable local cuisine at this festival while listening to live music and watching epic car shows.

Autumn has cool and pleasant air, making it ideal for outdoor activities. The Houston weather in November will be suitable for traveling and avoiding the cold of winter. Invite more friends and family to join you on this exciting trip to this beautiful city.

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