Lake Tahoe’s Weather In September: When Is The Best Time To Visit Lake Tahoe?

Not all of us know when the best time to visit Lake Tahoe is. Many people believe Lake Tahoe’s weather in September is the best, while others say May. In today’s post, we’ll help clear the confusion and give you some fun facts about this beautiful area.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Lake Tahoe? 

The greatest months to enjoy Lake Tahoe are between March and May and between September and November, although the region welcomes tourists all year owing to a diverse range of sights and events. Indeed, the area is filled with tourists all year round, just like the Grand Canyon.

With summertime arrives beachgoers: In July and August, the beaches of Lake Tahoe are filled with huge umbrellas and sun-drenched youngsters. There is a short respite in the autumn in tourism, but as temperature drops, tourists return with skis in hand, eager to conquer the snow.

However, if you’re on a budget, traveling in March or November, in particular, will enable you to enjoy the region at a fraction of the cost.

Lake Tahoe’s Weather In September: Is It A Good Time To Visit? 

September is a great time to visit the area.

During this month, Lake Tahoe is pretty warm, with the temperature hitting around 74°F. However, when night falls, expect the temperature to drop to 46°F. Thus, if you’re planning to visit Lake Tahoe in September, don’t forget to pack some extra clothes.

Lake Tahoe is beautiful all year around. - World Atlas
Lake Tahoe is beautiful all year round. – World Atlas 

It’s also a great time to go swimming in Lake Tahoe as the water temperatures will remain in the upper 60s°F. Yet, towards the end of the month, the readings usually drop to the lower 60s°F. 

September is pretty dry, with only one wet day anticipated and no snow expected when it comes to precipitation. Days continue to provide an average of 11 hours of sunlight.

Crowds have thinned out, and it’s one of the most beautiful seasons to explore. However, there will still be plenty of summertime events and watersports available during the early weeks of September.

Indeed, September in Lake Tahoe offers a variety of activities, including the Lake Tahoe Autumn Food and Wine Festival, the Sample of Sierra, and the Genoa Candy Dance. There is also plenty of additional activities in the region, ranging from saunas to casinos and shopping complexes.

As the weather gets cooler and the last days of September arrive, you’ll be able to enjoy the most spectacular autumn sceneries while hiking or mountain biking. You may also see the spawning salmon in Taylor Creek in this period.

Lake Tahoe’s Weather Thorough The Year 


Lake Tahoe’s shift from a skiing paradise to a beach getaway occurs in the springtime. Lake Tahoe in May offers the best conditions, with temps slowly climbing to the mid-60s°F. However, if festivities are your priority, consider a trip in April.

Another advantage is that during this in-between time, there are fewer people and costs are lower. You could even get lucky and seize a few hanging snowflakes on the hills.


Summertime is the busiest season for visitors visiting Lake Tahoe. As the temps approach the upper 70s°F, the trails are ready for climbing, the shores are ready for visitors, and the lake waits for rounds of paddles. 

If you’re a beach lover, don’t forget to visit Lake Tahoe in the summer. - California Crossroads
If you’re a beach lover, don’t forget to visit Lake Tahoe in the summer. – California Crossroads

Expect huge crowds and skyrocketing costs (you could reduce the cost when visiting Lake Tahoe on weekdays). To secure your accomodation, make your reservation at least 3 months ahead.


Costs come down when temperatures fall (from the lower 70s°F to the upper 40s). As the children return to school and the breeze starts to blow, the area experiences a considerable reduction in tourists. Travel in early October to take advantage of the final few days of trekking or get a head start on ski time in early December.


Lake Tahoe’s wintry seasons, believe it or not, are not terrible at all due to annual peaks in the lower 40s°F. Thus, whether you’re here to play with the snow or just to take in the sights, wintertime is a fantastic season to travel.

A fan of snow sports? Winter is your best bet. - Lake Tahoe
A fan of snow sports? Winter is your best bet. – Lake Tahoe 

You will, however, not be the only one hoping to profit from the seasonal changes: Anticipate crowds to surge and costs to climb (however, you could bypass both of these by coming on weekdays). We recommend scheduling at least a few months ahead of time to gear up for this hectic time.

Fun Facts About Lake Tahoe 

The naturally formed frontier between California and Nevada is the stunning alpine Lake Tahoe. It has a vast contact area of 191 square miles and is among the biggest alpine lakes in Northern America at the height of 6224 feet.

Lake Tahoe became quite famous as a tourist spot in the 1950s, and tourist counts (plus public recognition) increased even more during the Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley in 1960. It’s also wonderful to visit the area in the evening.

Squaw Valley is also a great destination in the area. - The Mercury News
Squaw Valley is also a great destination in the area. – The Mercury News

The area’s 62-mile stretch is a haven for watersports fans in the summertime. Southern Lake Tahoe in California and Stateline in Nevada are the most popular beachside resorts. If you want some gambling, the latter site, with its six casinos, is the spot to go.

The spot is ideal for beach lovers are the clear, turquoise water and the magnificent sandy shores. If the conditions do not favor swimming in the water, you may choose to get a kayak to tour it.

A visit to the Emerald State Bay Park in South Lake Tahoe, with its Fannette Island, is also a treat. It is the only island in the area, and once there, you could see the Vikingsholm Castle, a 1920s vacation house with astonishing 38 rooms.

Another must-see destination is Incline Village. It served as the site for the Ponderosa Ranch in the television program ‘Bonanza,’ and it now serves as a theme park.

Mountaineering and mountain cycling are ideal activities throughout the cooler months and summertime. There is no better place to do that than on the approximately 200-mile-long Tahoe Rim Trail, which embraces the lake and provides breathtaking vistas.

Into trailing? Lake Tahoe is your call. - Treehugger
Into trailing? Lake Tahoe is your call. – Treehugger 

You may also ride your horse and enjoy the path. In the wintertime, a cross-country skiing track is built alongside it. When you approach the Relay Peak, you will be at the height of 10,000 feet.

Along the way, you’ll cross by the 100-square-mile-large ‘Desolation Wilderness,’ a wildlife sanctuary that houses a variety of species, such as bears and falcons. The region surrounding the lake is particularly well-known for its beautiful waterfalls.

With its numerous ski areas, Lake Tahoe is the spot to go in the colder season for all kinds of snowsports lovers. Kirkwood Mountain Resort, for example, is well-known for its massive volumes of snowfall.

And, on the Californian half, we have Squaw Valley, which staged the Winter Olympics in 1960. Aside from skiers and snowboarders, the resorts also attract snow enthusiasts with sledding tubing, jet skis, snowshoes, and ice skating!

Wrapping Up 

Lake Tahoe’s weather in September is beautiful, and that’s why it’s one of the best times to visit the area. However, just because it’s the “best” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come to Lake Tahoe in other seasons. The region is favorable all year round and filled with events and activities. Not to mention that you have the best prices in less crowded seasons! 

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