Go Where The Good Vibes Are: 6 Best Places To Enjoy Live Music Franklin TN!

In the 21st century, there are countless ways to enjoy music in the comfort of our homes. We have MP3’s, record players, online streaming platforms such as Spotify or iTunes, and so on. So why are we missing live music so much right now? 

Well, attending a show in person gives us an ambiance like no other. The speakers blast with drum lines and guitar riffs, lights bounce off the walls, and vocals echo through the venue – it’s easily the best way to immerse yourself in the melodies you love.

Upon first glance, one wouldn’t consider Franklin the destination for melophiles. Unlike New Orleans – “the birthplace of jazz”, or Nashville – famous for county and western music, the lovely quaint town is yet to be discovered on the music map. When the night falls, though, a buzzing nightlife and music scene begins to unfold. Just like a Redditor wrote on r/FranklinTN, “this city is home to many up-and-coming artists that you wouldn’t know who you may see jumping on stage.”

So, if you long for the unique vibes of a concert, if you want to see the artists pour their hearts and souls into incredible performances, Enjoyfuntrip will take you to the best places to enjoy live music Franklin TN!

  1. See The Stars At Franklin’s World-Class Music Festival 

The historical park at Harlinsdale Farm has always been loved by tourists all over Tennessee, those who want to escape the city’s noises for an extra shot of relaxation. With 200 acres of rolling farmland, dog parks, fish ponds, and hiking trails, it embraces a serene ambiance like no other, ensuring a peaceful and mindful getaway with extremely low pollution. 

Every September, though, this lovely park will be transformed into a wonderland of neon decor and walkabout performers. That’s when the Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival takes place. Arguably “the best curated” of anywhere in the U.S., according to Rolling Stones, the festival features a bewildering array of musical artists from many genres. Some of the big names that performed on the stages include Dave Matthews, Steven Tyler, Willie Nelson, and guess who? Justin Timberlake! 

Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival – 2022 lineup

Thanks to the buzzing and vibrant lineup, Pilgrimage attracts more than 100,000 people each year. Aside from live music, the region’s best food and beverages, as well as merchants selling art and crafts, will be available. It’s definitely something music and culture lovers should experience at least once in their life. 

  1. Live Music In The Vine With A Country Legend: Arrington Vineyards 
Arrington Vineyards
The Arrington Vineyards offers a romantic atmosphere to enjoy jazz music – Source: FOX 17

Jazz, to many, is like fine art. It’s not only the music of the soul but also food for thoughts. Unlike any other genre, jazz possesses an innate sense to capture your imagination and take it on a journey through space and time. And the best place to enjoy this soulful music is Arrington Vineyards. 

Since 2007, Franklin’s world-renowned winery has become a popular stop for locals and tourists alike. The place is run by Kix Brooks, the host of “Music in the Vines” and a half of the GRAMMY-winning duo “Brooks & Dunn”. 

On Saturdays and Sundays, guests are welcome to enjoy live jazz and sample from a wide selection of excellent wines. As autumn arrives, Kix (and oftentimes some famous buddies) will take the stage for a free show. It’s his way of celebrating the winery’s annual Harvest Party. 

Having a taste of Tennesse wines against the backdrop of rolling hills and towering trees, surrounded by mellow melodies – how perfect it is for a fall retreat

  1. Franklin’s Most Iconic Open Mic Night: Puckett’s Grocery 
Puckett’s Grocery - live music franklin tn
Southern specialty, live music, and good company can all be found at Puckett’s Grocery – Source: Edible Nashville

Puckett’s Grocery might have the best slow-smoked barbecue and home-cooked Southern cuisine. Still, it’s Puckett’s iconic open mic night that makes this vintage country store an amazing finding for both music lovers and aspiring performers. 

“The music is a huge part of what we do,” says Puckett’s owner, Rob Robinson. “We are grateful to have many talented musicians performing here, and we never take them for granted. Night after night, we see incredible talent, and we appreciate all of them.” 

Since my last time here, Puckett’s Grocery has upgraded all of its sound equipment. They even have a sound guy who ensures the mics are working properly before each performance and adjusts the monitors to suit. Robinson is a songwriter and musician himself, so he knows exactly how to take your experience to the next level. 

Aside from the music, the open mic night is the best place to spot the celebrities who live in Franklin TN. Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman, and Justin Timberlake pop into Puckett’s often. Come here on Thursdays for some celebrity sightings, and you will surely fall in love with some new talents! 

  1.  Live Music Franklin TN With A Juke-Joint Vibe: Legendary Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor 

Are you after the late-night vibe, live bands, and an intimate setting? Head to the Legendary Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor on South Margin Street, where the music often plays until the wee hours. 

Hanging out at the Legendary Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor is one of the best things to do in Franklin Kentucky

Just a few blocks away from downtown Franklin, Kimbro’s finds its home in a historic building, which has been transformed into an eclectic musical space. The parlor prides itself on being the best house party in Franklin. Here, you can get lost in the fiddles, the twangs of the banjo, and the pickin’ of the upright bass. Live performances are up from Monday to Saturday nights. 

Additionally, there’s a wonderful menu of homemade dishes, including burgers, specialty salads, and sides. This is the perfect place to hang out with your friends, where you can kick back to some country blue grass and engage in a round of board games while sipping locally crafted brew. 

  1. Franklin’s Most Historic Venue: Franklin Theatre 
Franklin Theatre - live music franklin tn
Franklin Theatre or Franklin Music Hall’s capacity is only 300 seats – Source: Franklintheatre

Nestled conveniently in the heart of Franklin, the theater that dates back to the 1930s is entitled to the Crown Jewel of Main Street. It’s also known as the “world’s greatest music venue with only 300 seats”. 

Since 1937 till now, Franklin Theatre has undergone extensive restoration. Still, its iconic art deco architecture and cinema-style seating remain. The moment you set foot inside the theater, you will fall hard for the good old days. 

The stage here has seen live performances from famous musicians and bands. Franklin Theatre also provides diverse performing art experiences, including dance troupes, chamber ensembles, and comedy acts. 

No matter how many fast time flies, for people living in this town, the mighty little theater will always be an entertainment and cultural icon.

  1. Live Music On The Main Street 

A short stroll from the Franklin Theatre will take you to Main Street. This is the town’s beating heart, where locals and visitors alike gather to eat, play, and stay. 

Soon, you will understand why everyone calls it “America’s Favorite Downtown District.” Franklin is famous for well-maintained historical buildings, and Main Street is full of them. In fact, downtown Franklin is enlisted on the National Register of Historic Places. Walking down the lovely boulevards here, you will be mesmerized by the Victorian storefronts and vintage buildings. 

Framed by romantic architecture, welcoming merchants, and alluring odors, the soundscape of Franklin Main Street completes the sensory list of what sets this place apart from others. On any day, you can come across buskers playing guitar or violin on benches or under stoops. 

And when December rolls around, the whole Main Street turns into a stage for “Dickens of a Christmas”. This is a Victorian-inspired street festival featuring carolers, costumed characters, and live performances. If you happen to be in town on December 11 – 12, don’t miss out on this magical event! 

“Dickens of a Christmas” in Franklin

“Every Time We Travel With Music, It’s A Quantum Leap”

For months, fans were relegated to listening to their favorite songs and seeing their favorite musicians via Zoom or webcasts. Now, live shows – from festivals like Pilgrimage to Broadway musicals at Franklin theatre – are coming back. 

Sit back, enjoy the best BBQ you’ve ever tasted, and get lost in live music Franklin TN in one of its many hip venues. You will walk out with an experience you’ll never forget! 

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