6 Fun Things To Do In Arnold, CA – A Quick Guide To California’s Gold Country

Where is Arnold, California? Located at the heart of Calaveras County, this quaint town can’t be compared to cities like San Diego in size. Nonetheless,  its picturesque surroundings have attracted visitors for decades. In fact, Arnold has much more to offer than just scenic views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Curious about what things to do in Arnold CA? Read on to learn more about what you can see and do when visiting this charming Gold Rush town. Whether with friends, your special someone, or your family, there are plenty of activities in Arnold that will leave you with unforgettable memories. 

Enjoy Great Attractions For Arnold Visitors

A trip to San Francisco is incomplete without exploring the 7 must-visit national parks. Likewise, the highlight of a trip to Arnold is visiting the Western Hemisphere’s most giant tree by volume, the General Sherman Tree. It’s one of many giant sequoias in nearby Sequoia National Park. 

The accessibility of this massive tree makes it a must-see for anyone visiting Arnold. Just by walking along the path behind the visitor’s center, you’ll see the tree in all its glory. The nearby Giant Forest is home to many more sequoias, including the world’s second-largest tree, General Grant. While these trees are an amazing sight any time of year, they are especially lovely during the spring, when bright red flowers bloom beautifully.

In the neighboring Sequoia National Park, there are several gigantic sequoias.
One of the numerous enormous sequoias in the close-by Sequoia National Park. Source: expedia

Go On An Adventure To Explore The Natural Wonders. 

If natural wonders are at the top of your list, then Arnold offers plenty. The Pacific Crest Trail runs through the area, providing a stunning backdrop to all your outdoor activities. There is no better way to discover the spectacular sights of the Sierra Nevada than by hiking one of the many trails in Arnold. 

Go On An Adventure To Explore The Natural Wonders. 
All of your outdoor activities will have a breathtaking backdrop thanks to the Pacific Crest Trail. Source: backpacker

From strolls along the river and lakes near Arnold, CA to strenuous uphill hikes, there is something for every skill level. If you visit in autumn, stay for a few days and marvel at the annual fall color show that lights up the surrounding hillsides. Afterward, head to the Sierra East/West Gateway Museum to learn more about the area’s history.

Enjoy Wine Throughout The Year

Another great time to visit Arnold is late spring, when the grapevines bloom and the wine country is in full swing. 

During this time, Enjoyfuntrip suggests you visit wineries and vineyards in the area. Some of the best include Bezerra, Arnold Wines, and L Bourell. All of them are within a short drive from Arnold. 

You can also participate in the Wine & Harvest Festival in late September and early October. This festival, which has been going on for more than 25 years, is a great way to learn about the local wine industry and enjoy Arnold’s autumn beauty.

The Wine & Harvest Festival is another event you may attend in late September or early October.
The Wine & Harvest Festival is an event you may attend in late September or early October. Source: orangecoast

Taste The Regional Cuisine

During your stay, stop by the Historic Downtown District in Arnold to get a taste of the local flair. This charming district is full of shops, restaurants, and other attractions. You can shop for local souvenirs, dine at charming cafes and restaurants, catch a live performance, or see the collection of old mining equipment at the Sierra Railway Depot Museum. 

Another great way to experience the local flavor is by attending the annual Arnold Classic, a festival celebrating sports, fitness, and health. This three-day event features tournaments and other outdoor activities, such as yoga and Zumba classes.

To experience a bit of the local flavor, visit Arnold's Historic Downtown District.
Visit Arnold’s Historic Downtown District to experience the local flavor. Source: daytrippen

Experience The Nightlife

You don’t need to save the fun for the daytime during your trip to Arnold. After a long day of exploring and adventuring, you can enjoy the nightlife in this charming town. 

The nights are meant for quiet reflection of the day in this alpine village. While there are a few bars in the area, none of them keep particularly late hours.

For a casual evening, visit The Bistro Espresso, which opens daily. You will enjoy American food with burgers, BBQ and high quality salads, as well as organic, fair trade coffee drinks. Aside from the local bars and nightclubs, you can experience the romantic night sky at the Calaveras County Public Observatory.

At the Calaveras County Public Observatory, you may observe the night sky.
Calaveras County Public Observatory offers nighttime sky viewing opportunities. Source: griffithobservatory

Explore Arnold Rim Trail, “Top of the World,”

Another way to admire the beauty of Arnold is by hiking the Arnold Rim Trail. This scenic trail follows the ridge above the canyon lands below, giving you a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. 

 The trailhead can be found in the Arnold Rim Trail Park, a great place to picnic and enjoy the view. If you’re visiting in autumn, take part in the annual Great Western Paper Balloon Festival, which features hot air balloons as far as the eye can see.

Hiking the Arnold Rim Trail is a great way to take in Arnold's beautiful surroundings.
The Arnold Rim Trail can be hiked to take in Arnold’s breathtaking surroundings. Source: gocalaveras

Summing Up

The Gold Country is the perfect place to visit any time of year. Whether you are interested in the rich history of the area or love to explore nature, the Gold Country has something for everyone. With so many things to do in Arnold California, it’s no surprise that it’s a top vacation destination year-round. 

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