5 Best Things To Do Frankfort Michigan For Your Bucket List!

If you’re looking for a small town that has lots to offer, you need to look no further than Frankfort, Michigan. The charming village of Frankfort is nestled in the hilly woods of central Michigan and is home to just 1,300 residents. 

This little town might be small, but it has much to offer visitors. From its impressive architecture and historical sites to its vibrant art culture and gourmet restaurants, many things make this place unique. So if you are looking for some things to do in Frankfort, Michigan, or want to live somewhere quaint after college — keep reading to find out why you need to see Frankfort ASAP!

5 Must-have Things To Do Frankfort Michigan For Your Liking

Tour Crystal Gardens Frankfort, Michigan

On the northern side of Frankfort, a seasonal destination. Northern Frankfort’s Crystal Gardens has been around for a while. Plant lovers and horticulturists adore and frequent this seasonal attraction.

During spring and summer vacations, tourists from inside and outside the city visit the Garden to take in the scenery or to buy plants, garden supplies, etc. The greenhouses and other spaces under the sun are filled with flowering flower beds and pots. At a Nature House near to the Gardens, you may also see farm animals, tortoises, and peacocks.

The Rock Shop, located in a different area of the Garden, offers a variety of minerals and rock polishing services. In their store, you can find unusual products that could be gifts for your loved ones and keepsakes.

On the northern side of Frankfort, a seasonal destination.
Seasonal destination on Frankfort’s northern side. Source: countrylines

Before visiting Crystal Gardens, you can see the Michigan Lighthouse Museum to learn more about the state’s lighthouses. The museum is located in a historical house dating back to 1872, and it features a variety of lighthouse artifacts, photographs, and information about the maritime history of Michigan. It’s a great way to get a brief history of lighthouses in the area before visiting one of the most recognizable features on the Betsie River.

Discover Point Betsie Lighthouse Frankfort, Michigan

The Betsie River, which runs through Frankfort, is home to one of Michigan’s most unique attractions, the Point Betsie Lighthouse. This octagonal-shaped lighthouse holds a special place in the hearts of locals, who are proud to have one of the few still-operational lighthouses in the area. 

Visitors are welcome to see the lighthouse, discover its past, and even scale the tower for a stunning vantage point. If you’re lucky, you may even see the lighthouse in action. 

This lighthouse is one of the few still-operational lighthouses in the area.
One of the few lighthouses in the area still in use is this one. Source: stevelovelessphotography

The Betsie River is a major waterway for commercial and recreational shipping and a source of freshwater for nearby cities. The Point Betsie Lighthouse is one of the most recognizable features on the river and is used to alert boaters to the nearby waterway hazards.

Cruise The Waters Of Betsie River In Frankfort, Michigan

The Betsie River is home to several waterway attractions, including the nearby Betsie River Maritime Museum. Visitors can board the vintage MV Tway, a fully operational tugboat, and take a tour down the Betsie River. 

The Betsie River Maritime Museum also hosts the annual Betsie Fest, a celebration of the Betsie River’s maritime history. Visitors to the Betsie River Maritime Museum can also learn more about the naval history of the Betsie River. The museum features vessel histories, marine life, lighthouses, and more artifacts. 

The museum features vessel histories, marine life, lighthouses, and more artifacts.
Betsie River is the perfect place for your family trip with kids. Source: depositphotos

In addition to the Betsie River Maritime Museum, the Betsie River is home to Dinghy’s Bar & Grill, which features a waterfront patio overlooking the river. The Betsie River is also home to the Betsie Riverwalk, a walking path along the river, and the Betsie Riverwalk Park, a skate park, fishing pier, playground, and more.

Dinghy’s Restaurant & Bar Frankfort, Michigan

Dinghy’s Restaurant & Bar is a local hotspot known for its extensive menu, beer selection, and lively atmosphere. Frequented by locals, Dinghy’s is the perfect place to enjoy a casual dinner with friends or take your family out for a special night out. 

Dinghy's is the perfect place to take your family out for a special night out.
For a wonderful night out with the family, Dinghy’s is the ideal location. Source: dinghysrestaurant

Dinghy’s offers various entrees, including steaks, seafood, pasta dishes, and desserts. Try the popular Dinghy’s Dinner for Two, featuring a crab cake appetizer, 16-ounce New York strip steak, mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables, and a roll. For dessert, try one of the decadent chocolate-covered strawberries.

Visit Lake Michigan

The Betsie River flows into Lake Michigan, giving visitors a unique view of the lake and its surroundings. While the Betsie River is beautiful in its own right, it’s even more breathtaking as it flows into Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan is the perfect place to enjoy a day on the water with its calm and clear waters. 

Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes in the United States, together with Lake Superior (Minnesota), Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie.

When you're in Frankfort, take a trip to Lake Michigan to see what this natural beauty offers.
Visit Lake Michigan while you’re in Frankfort to experience its breathtaking splendor. Source: touristsecrets

Michigan Lake is bordered by hundreds of renowned and beautiful beachfront areas like Sturgeon Bay, as well as marinas housing thousands of boats. Along the long Lake Michigan shoreline, there are activities for everyone, including kayaking, canoeing, sailing, sightseeing cruises, biking along the lakefront path, and relaxing on one of the numerous beaches. 

Wrapping Up

There is no place like Frankfort. From the stunning views of Lake Michigan to the lively waterfront, there’s something for everyone to love about this small town. The charming shops and vibrant nightlife will keep you entertained for hours, and the local history and beautiful scenery will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. 

Visiting a small town can seem boring for many people. But these things in Frankfort, Michigan, will prove that small towns can be just as exciting as large cities. With these must-see destinations, there’s no way you’ll be bored while visiting this small town. You’ll leave with an unforgettable experience you won’t find anywhere else. Believe Enjoyfuntrip!

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