Things To Do In Isle Of Palms, SC – The Perfect Day Trip With The Best Deals

The Isle of Palms is an island town located in Charleston, SC. It has a laid-back atmosphere and offers plenty of activities to keep you busy all day. The island is conveniently located near downtown Charleston and offers quick access to many tourist sites and other towns. 

If you are looking for the perfect day trip with your family or friends that won’t cost too much but will still offer plenty of activities, look no further than Palms, South Carolina! Here are our top things to do in Isle of Palms to make sure your stay here is fun and exciting:

Top Things To Do In Isle Of Palms

Sample Tasty And Fresh Cuisine

One of the greatest pleasures of traveling is finding places to eat on Isle of Palms and trying new dining options. Isle of Palms and nearby Mt. Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island have a variety of OK to casual restaurants that serve everything from seafood to pizza. 

In addition to fresh seafood, you’ll find casual cafés, Italian, Asian, French, and Mediterranean cuisine, BBQ, fine dining options, and Southern-inspired restaurants serving comfort food. Enjoyfuntrip has listed some restaurants and given them a category, so you can easily find what you want. 

  • Acme Lowcountry Kitchen specializes in local seafood. They are always looking for quality and fresh seafood. Most visitors have never been disappointed in their seafood. Local food makes a great place!
  • Morgan Creek Grill is on the water and has spectacular views. On top of that, they will often have live music outside, so it’s an enjoyable environment.
  • Coconut Joe’s is the go-to spot for beachfront eating that is family-friendly. Eat outside on the covered deck while admiring the Atlantic Ocean, or take the kids up to the roof for live music and entertainment for the whole family. The restaurant serves lunch, supper, and brunch.
  • Long Island’s Cafe serves the finest seafood every day of the week. Locally owned and operated since it opened in 1986. This restaurant is far superior to the typical strip-mall joint thanks to the beautiful service, great drinks, unique, fresh seafood, and a tremendous menu.
Isle of Palms is home to a variety of casual to sophisticated restaurants that provide anything from pizza to seafood.
In Isle of Palms, there are several casual to upscale eateries that provide anything from pizza to seafood. Source: sweetgrassvacationrentals

Practice Some Water Sports

If you’ve ever visited Falmouth, Massachusetts, you’ve probably also had trips that primarily involved water due to their topography, and the same is true of the Isle of Palms. Try some water sports if you are looking for fun Isle of Palms activities with your family or friends. Whether you go parasailing or kayaking, there are plenty of options to keep everyone happy. 

Try these water sports in the summer, when the weather is warm and sunny. If you want a unique water sport, parasailing. That is an excellent activity for beginners or experts looking for something unique. If you’re a landlubber, try kayaking.

When the weather is bright and sunny in the summer, try these water activities.
If you’re seeking for enjoyable Isle of Palms things to do with your family or friends, try some water sports. Source: destinywateradventures

Go Swimming At The Isle Of Palms Beach 

The beach is well-known for its warm, sandy shoreline and many restaurants, bars, and shops. The sand is soft and smooth, with a sandy color that makes it easy to find your way to the beach. The water is crystal clear and calm. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the sun.

The beaches at Isle of Palms Beach are small but pretty. There are some excellent biking trails here too. There are also lovely picnic spots along the beach’s shoreline that would be perfect for special weather activities like picnics. After a long day of work, this is a fantastic time to spend time in nature and simply change the scenery before traveling to crowded town trips such as Bossier City, Louisiana’s bustling metropolitan area.

There are several great bike paths on the Isle of Palms Beach beaches.
Isle of Palms Beach is a wonderful location to relax and take in the sunshine. Source: charleston

Go Stargazing At The Isle Of Palms State Park

If you are looking for things to do in Isle of Palms that won’t cost much, but will still offer plenty of entertainment, try stargazing at the Isle of Palms State Park. This park is located on the Isle of Palms and provides various activities, including stargazing. There are two types of stargazing you can do at the park. If you feel comfortable enough, you can explore the park’s dark sky area to learn more about stargazing and the park’s dark sky condition. 

If you are more apprehensive about exploring the dark sky area, you can still enjoy the park’s stargazing program by sitting outside and listening to the stargazing show. Dress appropriately and bring a flashlight for your cell phone so you can see the show and pick up your trash.

Go Stargazing At The Isle Of Palms State Park
Isle of Palms State Park offers a variety of activities, including stargazing. Source: scpictureproject

Don’t Forget To Play Golf!

If you are looking for a day trip that offers plenty of activities, but won’t require too much travel or planning, consider playing golf. There are many golf courses located in South Carolina, including the Isle of Palms, that you can play. If you are staying on the island, visit the Isle of Palms Golf Club. The club offers a championship 18-hole golf course, a driving range, a practice chipping range, and a golf shop. If you are staying off-island, visit the Hilton Head Golf Club in South Carolina.

Don't Forget To Play Golf!
You may play golf on several different courses in South Carolina, including the Isle of Palms. Source:destinationhotels

Other Things To Do Nearby

Visit The Summerville And Charleston Historic Districts

If you are a history buff or want to learn more about Charleston’s past, visit the Summerville and Charleston Historic Districts. These districts are located just outside Charleston and make for a great day trip. The Summerville Historic District is home to various historic sites and plantations that date back to the late 18th century. 

Visitors can explore the plantations and gardens that were popular in the 18th century and learn about the plantation workers who lived and worked on the plantations. The Charleston Historic District is home to the oldest church in South Carolina, St. Philip’s Parish. The church dated back to 1670 and was restored in 1876. The church is located on Broad Street and is the perfect place to start your day trip.

The Charleston Historic District is home to the oldest church in South Carolina, St. Philip's Parish.
There are several historic locations in the Summerville Historic District that were built in the late 18th century. Source: theculturetrip

Visit An Outdoor Market Or Farmers’ Market

If you are looking for a day trip that will offer plenty of shopping opportunities, visit an outdoor market or farmers’ market. These markets typically host local vendors selling various items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, honey, crafts, jewelry, baked goods, souvenirs, and more. 

If you are staying on the Isle of Palms, visit the Charleston Town Green, where the Charleston Farmers’ Market is held. This outdoor market features local vendors also selling various items, including fresh produce, seafood, meat, and more. 

Explore Local Restaurants
Visit an outdoor market or farmers’ market, if you are staying on the Isle of Palms. Source: cookinglight

Visit an outdoor market or farmers’ market, if you are staying on the Isle of Palms. Source: cookinglight

Explore Local Restaurants

A must-do activity when traveling nearby the Isle of Palms is eating at local eateries.
When visiting close to the Isle of Palms, dining at local restaurants is a must-do thing. Source: dunesproperties

If you are looking for a day trip offering plenty of food options, visit the local restaurants. That will allow you to try a variety of cuisines without having to travel far. First, stop by Lulu’s, located in the Charleston Historic District. This Southern restaurant offers classic Southern dishes like shrimp and grits, a chopped salad, fried oysters, and shrimp and grits. 

Once you’ve tried experiencing the local dishes in Charleston and the Isle of Palms, you can travel a bit farther north to discover the local cuisine and attractions in Rocky Mount. It is also a place worth considering during vacations.

Final Thoughts

Take advantage of our things to do in the Isle of Palms and the stunning natural surroundings if you’re visiting the Palms. So gather your belongings and plan a trip to South Carolina to experience paradise!

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