10 Great Things To Do In Novi For Every Traveler

The city of Novi has many entertainment activities and famous buildings. Whether you are visiting for a short weekend or intend to stay for a more extended period, this city promises to leave you with many beautiful experiences. Don’t miss out on the beautiful things to do in Novi listed below to round out your trip.

About Novi

If you’ve ever enjoyed your artsy trip from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale, let us guide you on the new trip. The city is located 40 kilometers northwest of Detroit and 13 kilometers west of the Western border of Detroit. Novi is a city in Oakland County, Michigan, located in the United States. It is known for having one of the state’s fastest-growing economies. You can also quickly get to the center of Ann Arbor, which is about 40 kilometers to the northeast from here. This lovely city offers thrilling activities that you have never experienced before.

Great Things To Do In Novi You Shouldn’t Miss

If you don’t want to spend hours thinking about things to do in Novi, here are some must-try activities.

Experience The Games At Paradise Park

This park is about 10 acres in size and offers a variety of recreational activities such as climbing walls, golf, and video games for both adults and children. You can come here with your family or friends to enjoy these exciting games. There are also numerous restaurants and bars to discover in and around Paradise Park.

Visit The Full Throttle Adrenaline Park Novi

Full Throttle Adrenaline Park Novi is a must-see attraction. This indoor go-kart track is trendy. Whether an amateur or a professional racer, you can drive high-speed karts. It would help if you also tried many other exciting games, such as virtual reality and exploring the SMASH room (also known as the Rage Room). You will undoubtedly have a great time on your trip here.

Full Throttle Adrenaline Park Novi is a must-see attraction.
Indoor go-kart track can be seen as the most unique thing to do in Novi – Source: media-exp1.licdn.com

Go to Lakeshore Park

At Lakeshore Park, you can enjoy the natural beauty of forests, swamps, and a clear river. You can also try walking the trails on the park grounds to unwind, take in the scenery, and breathe in some fresh air. If you are traveling with family, prepare more grilled food to enjoy on the spot.

Join BATL – The Backyard Ax Throwing League

BATL, or The Backyard Ax Throwing League, is a one-of-a-kind axe throwing tournament held at Novi. BATL has a professional digital scoring system, which adds to the excitement of the game. Aside from the thrill of throwing axes, you can also order more food and fabulous drinks right at the BATL yard.

Dance all night at 29 Novi

If you enjoy a lively atmosphere and wild nightlife, 29 Novi is a must-see. You can freely join the dance party, sip delicious cocktails, and meet new people here. However, if you want to have a more comfortable experience when you come here, you should book a table ahead of time.

See works of art at the Detroit Selfie Museum

For those who love taking selfies, Detroit Selfie Museum is one place to visit in Novi that you don’t want to miss. This museum features dozens of one-of-a-kind backdrops, including graffiti walls, Tiffany boxes, and more than 40 unique exhibits. In addition, the museum also introduces visitors to professional photographers to ensure they have great photos.

You won't want to miss the Detroit Selfie Museum in Novi.
Among the things to do in Novi, NoviDetroit Selfie Museum is an interesting choice for your trip – Source: media1.metrotimes.com

Try ice skating at Novi Ice Arena

Skating is one of the things to do in Novi that you should try. Even if you’re not sure about your skating technique, you can take a quick lesson here. Furthermore, if you go with a large group of friends, you should try ice hockey. After playing the game at one of the two cafes located inside the rink, you can also take a break.

Enjoy bowling at Novi Bowl Family Fun Center

That is a venue that is appropriate for families of all ages. In addition to bowling, you and your family can play billiards and video games and enjoy the food available right inside the center. The fact that you are participating in the game is also a way for you to contribute to the meaningful charitable activities of this bowling center.

Solve tricky puzzles at Escape Room Novi

If you enjoy puzzles, bring a group of friends to Escape Room Novi. You can use all of your skills to escape the room here. Escape Room Novi offers up to 30 themed rooms for you to enjoy with family and friends. Simple to complex puzzles will give you a sense of excitement when you finish opening each question one by one.

You may experience up to 30 themed rooms with your family and friends at Escape Room Novi.
When asked about things to do in Novi, locals always recommend Escape Room Novi – Source: mrswebersneighborhood.com

Watch RealD 3D movies with friends

Emagine Novi is one of the most exciting places in Novi that every visitor should see at least once. This location has 3D movies with a lively surround sound system. In addition to watching movies, you can buy snacks or have a refreshing drink at the bar.

Other Locations You Must Visit

Farmington Hills

Farmington Hills is only 11.27km from Novi and takes about 8 minutes to get there by car. Things to do in Farmington Hills’ attractive and fresh air are “magnets” that attract visitors. All must-dos are outdoor activities at Heritage Park, breakfast at Sunrise Cafe, golfing at Farmington Hills Golf Club, and walking at Farmington Hills Nature Center. Hills are a wonderful place to visit.

Visitors are drawn to Farmington Hills because of its beauty and healthy air.
In addition to things to do in Novi, you should look for more interesting destinations nearby – Source: images1.loopnet.com


Livonia is only about 23 kilometers from Novi by car. Visiting Greenmead Historical Village, admiring Art Is In Market artwork, having a Caterpillar Roll, purchasing fresh fruit at Joe’s Produce Gourmet Market, and hearing classical music performed by the Livonia Symphony Orchestra are all must-do activities. These activities are sure to take you by surprise.

These Livonia activities will undoubtedly surprise you.
Things to do in Novi and nearby cities will give you great experiences – Source: daytrippingroc.com

Bloomfield Hills

Bloomfield is approximately 31 kilometers from Novi and takes about 23 minutes to drive. Franklin Cider Mill, Cranbrook Institute of Science, Affleck House, The Maple Theater, and Detroit Skating Club are must-see Bloomfield Hills attractions.

Bloomfield is roughly 31 kilometers away from Novi and takes about 23 minutes to get there.
Bloomfield Hills is the next destination you should consider while looking for things to do in Novi and other cities – Source: upload.wikimedia.org

Please arrange things to do in Novi carefully before your trip to ensure a unique and memorable experience. The locations mentioned above will undoubtedly provide you and your family with enjoyable moments of relaxation and entertainment.

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