Redefine Traveling With These 9 Unbelievable Things To Do In Perrysburg, Ohio! 

 Americans always have a thing for the boundless road, which is hard-wired into our cultural DNA. During the Jazz Age, going on the Great American Road Trip was akin to a coming-of-age ceremony. Even today, the car is still a symbol of freedom, allowing us to break free from the small town and embark on new adventures. It’s truly the best way to explore hidden gems, immerse in diverse cultures, and fall in love with the country over again. 

During such a trip, I was lucky to discover the town of Perrysburg (or Ohio’s “up-and-coming art hub,” as most people say.) Lies on the easter bank of the Maumee River, it is packed with unusual activities, immense natural wonders, and exciting experiences. Compared to the likes of New York and Miami, though, Perrysburg is pretty much under the radar. Hence, if you are considering a trip here, you must be a real globetrotter! 

All you need right now is a nudge in the right direction, and Enjoyfuntrip‘s guide on things to do in Perrysburg, Ohio will do the job. Read on, and get ready to fall in love with this understated destination, where art and natural beauty meet each other! 

But First, Why Perrysburg?

But First, Why Perrysburg?
The city of Perrysburg, Ohio is a combination of art, historic charm, and all the modern amenities – Source: Travel Lens

There’s an old song about the hopeless romantic who loves a city because his or her love is there. For me, Perrysburg is the perfect place to venture off on my own and embrace my solitude. Its unique charm comes from a lot of things. 

Perhaps it has something to do with the land’s history, which is much richer than you may think. Founded in 1816, Perrysburg was home to Fort Meigs – the largest wooden-walled fortification in North America. The sleepy little village then went on to become one of Buckeye State’s significant landmarks. During the 1813 war, the fort came under siege twice, but the troops could hold out. Here, historophiles can find traces of the past, pull back the curtain of a different age, and fantasize about the times gone by. 

Or perhaps it has something to do with the location. Did I say that Perrysburg sits snuggly beside the Maumee River? Thanks to that, the town has various terrains, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. In this sunny Ohio-based land, you can make your cruising or sailing vacation as challenging or laid-back as you want! It’s escapism at its finest. 

And if you are an art fanatic, visitors lovingly refer to Perrysburg as Ohio’s “up-and-coming art hub” for a reason! The city might be small in size, but its vast and varied art scene has something for everyone. To get in touch with your creative self, visit the Toledo Art Museum right on the river bank or immerse in the whimsical Sculpture Park. For performing art lovers, The Funny Bone Comedy Club is a constant flux, too.

Well, there’s no way to understand the town’s magnetic allure except to feel it for yourself… 

Discover The Coolest Things To Do In Perrysburg!

Trace Back To The History At Fort Mergs Historic Site

As mentioned, during the British-American War, the U.S. military built Fort Meigs to ward off British naval raids on other American forts in the Northwest Territory. It got the name from Return Jonathan Meigs Jr., who served as Ohio’s fourth governor.

After surviving two fierce attacks, the fort was renovated into a 65-acres park. Nowadays, it stands there as an eyewitness to history, commemorating the pivotal moments that contributed to the American victory. 

The first thing you notice as you step inside the colossal gates of Fort Meigs is the white obelisk towering in the middle of the park. It’s a tribute to those who fought heroically in combat. Surrounding the monument are trenches, wooden fences, and structures designed to withstand assaults. 

Fort Mergs Historic Site
Looking at this vast facility, one can’t help but picture the challenges the soldiers faced while constructing this stronghold in the harsh winter of 1813 – Source: Toledo Aerial Media

The fort features six blockhouses; each comes with a fascinating story about the days of blood and fire and the soldiers who lived there. After strolling the grounds, you can head to the museum exhibit, which displays hundreds of original artifacts. Many of them were discovered on-site during archaeologists’ investigation of the area.  

Things To Do In Perrysburg Ohio – Cruise The Maumee River’s Fast Currents 

Right beside Fort Meigs is the Maumee River. Spanning over 137 miles, this is the city’s key source of fish and irrigation. Maumee also serves as a means of transportation, connecting Perrysburg to Grand Rapids and Waterville. 

The locals love to spend the weekend by the riverbank, picnicking on the green grass or embarking on water-related activities such as boating, canoeing, and kayaking. To get the most out of your weekend getaway, though, I’d suggest hopping on one of the public cruises with live music and all the trimmings. This is truly an excellent spot to enjoy Ohio’s romantic sunset. 

maumee river cruise
It only takes two hours to uncover the natural beauty of Maumee river – a major Ohio waterway – Source: Great Lakes Now

As you sail through the fast currents, take in the views with a refreshing beverage in hand – the ideal way to wrap up a beautiful day in Perrysburg! 

Appreciate Nature’s Simplicity At The Knight Nature Preserve

Wildlife lovers will find haven at the Knight Nature Preserve. Opened in 2005, the 44-acre preserve is a kid-friendly place to unwind and reconnect with Mother Nature. Ever since then, the facility has been offering plenty of educational opportunities for both children and adults. 

The Knight Nature Preserve review
The Knight Nature Preserve is a favorite family-friendly site for locals and tourists alike – Source: TripAdvisor

The most notable feature here is the Lookout on Nature Area (LONA). A good day of birding here usually means you get to see up to 50 species, and almost every time I return, I can spot a new one. According to Steve Ward, a local zoologist, “visitors will not only see a lot of breeding birds, but they will also discover some species from Central America or Mexico that aren’t supposed to be here. That’s when everyone lose their mind at the Knight Nature Preserve.” 

Lookout on Nature Area (LONA)
During the fall, you can enjoy bird-watching in a truly romantic setting – Source: Knight Nature Preserve

Another amazing finding is the Nature Playscape. At first glance, this clearing comprised of nothing but some cut slumbers might look plain, but hey, it’s you who will work to reset this ground! You can use equipment to sculpt creatures, create nests, and brainstorm new things for kids to enjoy the forest. It’s totally ingenious and perfect for encouraging your children’s imagination.

Visit One Of The Most Important Art Museums In The U.S.

Though not well-known, the Toledo Art Museum is one of the most prominent art museums in the whole U.S., housing more than 30,000 artworks from artists all over the world. Established in 1901 by president Edward Drummond Libbey, its mission is to make art accessible for everyone. Today, art fanatics can find wonderful treasures here, from paintings by Renoir to sculptures by Alexander Calder. 

Touring the Toledo Museum of Art

Aside from a sizable collection of Europe paintings, the museum also features the world’s most extraordinary collection of glass sculptures by artist Dale Chihuly. In case you haven’t heard of him, Chihuly is a pioneering creator who famously designed Bellagio casino’s ceiling with more than 1,800ft of handblown glass floral forms. Having spent most of his life in Perrysburg, the artist left his unrivaled legacy at the Toledo Art Museum as a tribute to the quaint town he considered home. 

Since the founder’s wish is to bring art to everyone, admission here is always free, no matter what time it is. However, some special exhibits might charge fees. Depending on how much time you want to spend and immerse in art, it can take a few hours or even a few days to tour the museum. 

Things To Do In Perrysburg Ohio – Get Lost In Perrysburg Sculpture Walk

After spending the day at the Toledo Art Museum, aesthetes can wander off to Woodland Park. This open space is beautiful all year round, but during this time, it serves as the perfect backdrop for an exhibition like no other. 

Yes, I’m referring to the Perrysburg Sculpture Walk! The outdoor event features over 20 large-scale sculptures, all of which have been carefully juried by Tuck Langland – an internationally renowned sculptor, and Adam Levine – the Toledo Museum of Art’s director. According to Levine, “everyone is welcome to stroll the sculpture path and explore the curated mind of renowned artists from all over the country.” 

Introducing the Perrysburg Sculpture Park

What I like most about the exhibition is that, aside from admiring the art pieces, visitors can also meet the artists. They will tell you more about the inspiration and meaning of the pieces, as well as exciting stories about the making process. 

There’s only one caveat: Perrysburg Sculpture Walk only takes place from August 24, 2022, to August 23, 2023. Plan your trip carefully because if you miss this chance, you won’t get another! 

Up For Some Good Laughs At Funny Bone Comedy Club  

When the night falls, and you are up for some good laughs, stop at the Funny Bone Comedy Club! 

Funny Bone Comedy Club
Whether you are traveling alone or want to have a fun-filled night with friends, this is the destination for those seeking some good chuckles – Source: Richmond Magazine

User “Tracy K” on TripAdvisor summed up everything the club has: “Clean venue, great drinks, friendly waitress, and outstanding performances.” Many people come here daily just to spot notable names in the comedy world, such as the amazing Preacher Lawson (from “American’s Got Talent”) or Adam Ferrara (best known for roles from “Nursie Jackie” and “Rescue Me.”) But up-and-coming talents shouldn’t be ignored, too: Their improvs, skit, and standups will have you rolling on the floor! 

The cabaret-style decoration also adds to the overall atmosphere, making customers feel at home. If comedic performances are not your cup of tea, the home bar is a cozy place to hang out, and the service is impeccable.

Things To Do In Perrysburg Ohio – Spend The Night By The Cozy Campfire 

Nothing screams freedom more than pitching a tent under the star. Add your friends or family to the mixture, and you will have a lifetime experience. You don’t have to go all the way to the Canadian Rockies – in Perrysburg, we have the best place for a cozy night by a campfire right at the doorstep! 

Among all the Perrysburg parks, Buttonwood is the most rugged and underdeveloped destination. That’s why it’s the top choice for those who want to escape from the urban noise. There isn’t any electricity, water, or wifi, but it isn’t all that bad: Some people prefer a “primitive” campsite that allows them to improvise, be creative, and rely on their instinct. The park’s location allows for endless fun by the water, such as fishing or swimming with the current. 

Buttonwood Park
Just a stone’s throw from downtown Perrysburg Ohio, you can connect with the wilderness – Source: Wood County Park District

Without the distraction of modern technology, you can take a break from your busy schedule and really enjoy the moment with your loved ones. This one-of-a-kind experience will teach you things you never considered about yourself and your friendship. 

Things To Do In Perrysburg Ohio – Relax Your Nerves At The Float Spa

But going camping is for adventurous souls only. For a mellow weekend in this quiet town, you can pamper yourself at the float spa, wind down your nerves and muscles, and truly relax. 

Even in the U.S. where a luxury resort or spa lurks on every corner of the road, Perrysburg’s float spa stands out for many reasons. The first facility, True Rest Float Spa, was founded in 2009 after its founders, Nick and Holly Janicki, traveled the world in pursuit of the most cutting-edge therapeutic techniques. They found out that float therapy can remove the effects of gravity on your bones, joints, and muscles, helping your body to rejuvenate and heal itself. 

The float pod here is carefully designed to contain over 2000 pounds of Epsom salts and 10 inches of water, allowing visitors to float as though on air. The temperature of the chamber and water are adjusted to match our body’s temperature so you can blend in with the surroundings. 

True Rest Float Spa
Trying float spa is an exciting option for both solo trips and romantic getaways in Perrysburg Ohio – Source: True Rest Float Spa

As an undiscovered destination on the travel map, Perrysburg’s laid-back vibe is ideal for a wholesome spa day. After a draining week, you deserve an indulgence like this without breaking the bank! 

Embrace The New Year’s Magic At Perrysburg Winter Fest

The new year is coming, delivering miracles to every corner of the Melting Pot. But its magic will be taken to the next level if you travel to Perrysburg in time for the Winter Fest! 

During this epic festival, the social scene is heated up. In downtown Perrysburg Ohio, you can see children racing from place to place, gathering around the fires to roast marshmallows with their parents, engaging in snowball fights, or sliding down the enormous inflatable Snowslide. Meanwhile, the adults are busy marveling at the colorful ice sculptures or participating in the ice disc golf tournaments. Despite the cold climate, the locals know how to get the most out of the season with full-blown carnivals, and you can be a part of the fun, too! 

Perrysburg Winterfest brings out a crowd, despite deep freeze

Although this is the most wonderful time of the year, the town is not yet to become a tourist destination. That means you don’t have to pay for an arm and a leg for the room. If you want to enjoy the festive atmosphere without fighting the crowd, you know where to go! 

A Small Town That Scores Big! 

As an off-the-beaten-path traveler, I know that feeling: Telling someone that you will spend a weekend in Seattle, San Francisco, or NYC, and you will get some “oohs” and “ahhs.” But mention that you are going to Perrysburg, and you will be more likely to hear crickets. 

Well, that’s because people haven’t heard about these exciting things to do in Perrysburg. Pack up your bag and see for yourself – you will realize that this is one of the coolest small towns out there. And the best part? None of those influencers have discovered the place yet! Be that person who claims you visited Perrysburg even before it became a tourist attraction, because it will, soon! 

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