Things to do in Roswell, GA – Your Guide to Local Living

If you’re looking for things to do in Roswell, GA, look no further! Whether you’re a local or just passing through on your way to somewhere else, there’s plenty that the little town of Roswell has to offer. With tons of things to do in Roswell, GA, there’s always something fun waiting for you. They are as impressive as Rocky Mount, NC!

From nightlife and family-friendly events and activities to outdoor activities and cultural attractions, it seems like there’s always something going on in every corner of this delightful town. Read on our information about what to do in Roswell now.

Where Is Roswell, GA?

Located in the Peach State, just northeast of Atlanta, Roswell is a small city in the northwest corner of the metro area. Like most other cities in the region, Roswell is bordered by mountains, forests, and other outdoor lands. However, the city also enjoys a pleasant climate that makes it perfect for outdoor activities all year round. 

Roswell is a city in the Peach State, close to Atlanta.
A small city called Roswell is located in the metro area’s northwest. Source: patch

If you want to explore more of the area, we recommend visiting the Chattahoochee National Forest, which surrounds a large part of the metro area. The city of Roswell itself is a lovely and historic place to stay. There are a few landmark districts where you can visit some of the city’s oldest buildings, including the Roswell Depot Museum. You can also visit the Roswell Museum Center for more information about the city’s history.

What Is The History Of Roswell, GA?

While the town’s history dates back to the early 20th century, much more happened before that. If you’re a history buff, you’ll want to know more about the fascinating past of this delightful town. From its role as a hotspot for extraterrestrial activity in the ’50s and ’60s to its position in several notable historical events, Roswell, GA, has quite a colorful history. Visit the Roswell Historical Society Museum to learn more about the community’s past. You can also check out the Roswell Public Library for more information about the city’s history.

If you want to understand more about the history of the area, go to the Roswell Historical Society Museum.
For more details on the history of the city, consult the Roswell Public Library. Source: mdjonline

Things To Do In Roswell GA

As mentioned before, there are lots to do in Roswell, GA, from exploring the city’s natural and historical wonders to taking in the many events and activities that occur throughout the year. Whether you’re looking for something for the entire family or just something for you and your friends to do, there’s something for every type of personality.

Are you looking for more entertainment? Check out the city’s vibrant nightlife scene, which includes everything from family-friendly live music in local hotels and restaurants to more adult-oriented bars and lounges. The city’s historic district and nearby shopping areas are great places to enjoy your entertainment. If you’re more interested in learning, you can also visit one of the area’s many public or private libraries. You can check out the Roswell Community Theater or the Northwest Georgia Arts Association if you’re into the arts. 

Lake Lanier is one of the most cherished lakes in the country.
Lake Lanier is one of the most beloved lakes in America. Source: lanierislands

If you want to explore more of the area, we recommend visiting Lake Lanier, one of America’s favorite lakes. Lanier, with its 38,000 acres and approximately 700 miles of shoreline, is the largest lake in Georgia. Fishing, boating, and camping are the most popular activities at Lake Lanier, which offers possibilities for the whole family. The world’s top kayaking, water skiing, and swimming locations may all be found at Lake Lanier, along with golfing facilities. Check out 10 Biggest Lakes in Minnesota if you’re more interested in great lakes in other regions.

Events In Roswell, GA

With so much to do, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of events to fill your calendar. Although it can’t compete with Irving, Texas, which has many bars with live music playing all night long, events, and festivals, Roswell has a lot of distinctive festivals that are held as part of community celebrations. The Georgia Renaissance Festival, which takes place just outside the city in nearby Canton, is well worth the trip if you’re into Renaissance themes. The Roswell Arts Festival is also a great way to check out local and regional art.

You may view local and regional art during the Roswell Arts Festival.
Another excellent place to see local and regional art is the Roswell Arts Festival. Source: exploregeorgia

Most of you must pay attention to the local markets if you’re a tourist. You’ll undoubtedly find much intriguing stuff at the Roswell Farmers’ Market. The market runs every Saturday in the downtown area and is a great place to get fresh fruits, vegetables, crafts, and other homemade goods. 

Best Spots For Healthy Living in Roswell, GA

If you’re looking for places in Roswell, GA, where you can relax and take care of yourself, we recommend checking out some of these healthy living hot spots. If you’re interested in visiting a place that’s doing its part to promote healthy living, then we recommend visiting the Roswell Public Health Department. Here, you can learn more about the city’s Healthy Atlanta initiative and how you can get involved. 

Riverside Park is a lovely place in Roswell that’s perfect for getting some fresh air, taking in the city’s stunning scenery, and enjoying a bit of recreation. There are also several benches where you can relax and unwind. The park is also excellent for people who want to keep fit and active, as it has several fitness trails and shooting sports, motorsport, and hiking.

Best Spots for Healthy Living in Roswell, GA
Riverside Park is a lovely area that’s great for getting some fresh air in Roswell. Source: Wikipedia

Great Restaurants To Try In Roswell, GA

There are many places to eat in Roswell, GA, from classic American dining to more modern options. If you’re looking for something classic, you can’t go wrong with the Roswell House, known for its great atmosphere and traditional Southern food, including its famous chicken and waffles. 

If you’d like to try something more modern, you can’t go wrong with Sway. This modern Japanese restaurant offers tasty Angus beef burgers, Kobe beef tacos, and more. These two options are great for families, friends, or couples.

There are various dining options including both traditional American cuisine and more contemporary cuisine.
Sway is an excellent option if you’d like to try something more contemporary in Roswell, GA. Source: atlantadowntown

Activities For Families In Roswell, GA

If you’re looking for something fun and active to do with the family, you can’t go wrong with visiting one of these activities in Roswell, GA. If you’d like to see a beautiful park in the city, we recommend visiting Peachtree Park. With its picturesque waterfall, this park is excellent for enjoying the local outdoors and stunning city views. 

If you’d like to see some animals up close, we recommend visiting the Chattahoochee Nature Center. The Nature Center’s 127 acres of forest and wetland trails include several designated walking paths, a river boardwalk, and rehabilitated animals that can be seen along the way. Georgia’s ecoregions and lovely butterfly gardens are highlighted. The center is also great for families with kids, as it has several educational trails that teach about the native flora and fauna in the area.

For families with children, the Chattahoochee Nature Center is fantastic.
Families with children will love the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Source: blueridgemountainstravelguide

Final Words

Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Roswell, GA, is a delightfully charming place to visit. With so many things to do in Roswell, GA, it’s no surprise that locals also love living here. If you’re looking for a fun and engaging place to visit, Enjoyfuntrip recommends checking out this delightful town.

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