Top Things To Do In Superior, WI: Your Guide To The Best Of Superior 

Get ready to explore the hidden gems of Superior, Wisconsin. Where is Superior, Wisconsin. This small town located in northern Douglas County is a place well-known for its scenic landscapes, luring tourists from all over the world. But besides that, Superior is home to many hidden gems, and things to do that will bring out your adventurous side. 

Enjoyfuntrip explores some of the best things to do in Superior WI you can do during your next trip there. From hidden beach spots to nearby waterfalls and hiking trails, this small town has a lot of things to offer visitors. Read on and discover why this small city is worth visiting again!

Top 8 Far-out Things To Do In Superior WI You Can’t Overlook

Visit Lake Superior

Lake Superior is the 3rd largest freshwater lake in the world. It empties into Lake Huron at its eastern end via the St. Marys River, which is bordered on the east and north by Ontario (Canada), the west by Minnesota (a state known for its freshwater lakes), and the south by Wisconsin and Michigan (U.S.).

It is famous for its powerful storms, high waves, and vastness. It is well known for its scenic beauty and is one of the most photographed places in the world. It is also a popular spot for fishing, kayaking, and sailing. This gigantic freshwater sea is one of the best things to do in Superior, WI, and is a must-visit spot for anyone who visits the city.

One of the most photographed locations in the world is Lake Superior, which is well renowned for its natural beauty.
One of the locations in the world that receive the most photos is Lake Superior. Source: koa

Earth Rider Brewery

If you love beer, you should visit the Earth Rider Brewery, where you can try some delicious brews. Earth Rider Brewery is a small brewery in Superior, Wisconsin, that produces a wide variety of craft beers. This brewery is a family business started by a husband and wife team. They provide a variety of beer tastes, some of which are gluten-free.

The brewery has a tasting room where you can sample their drinks and purchase them in bottles or cans. If you visit the brewery, you can try the brews for free. If you love beer, then this brewery is not to be missed. It is fun Superior, WI things to do here, and you can bring home some delicious brews too!

Visit the Earth Rider Brewery to sample some tasty brews.
Visit the Earth Rider Brewery to sample some delectable beverages. Source: taptraveler

Superior Entry Lighthouse

The Superior Entry Lighthouse is one of the most visited landmarks in Superior, WI. This lighthouse is located in the harbor city of Superior and is one of Wisconsin’s most photographed lighthouses. 

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Superior, Wisconsin, is the Superior Entry Lighthouse.
One of Superior, Wisconsin’s most popular tourist attractions is the Superior Entry Lighthouse. Source: travelwisconsin

This lighthouse, built in 1902, is famous in the town and is a must-visit spot for tourists. The grounds are open to visitors during the day, and guided tours are available too. However, you can enjoy the view of the lighthouse and the city from the outside by yourself. The lighthouse is a great place to visit for a quick photo-op. 

Fairlawn Mansion & Museum

Fairlawn Mansion is a historic house built in the late 19th century, and it is now open to the public as a museum. Charles W. Nash, a railroad and grain milling magnate, originally lived in this Victorian-era structure. The residence displays the affluence of an influential businessman in the early 1900s. The house has intricately carved wooden furniture, carpets, and other objects and complex architectural and design elements.

The museum also features a small gift shop where you can purchase historic and antique-themed souvenirs. If you are interested in Wisconsin history or architecture, visiting this historic house museum is a must-do activity. You can learn more about the lifestyles of Wisconsin citizens in the late 19th century and be entertained by the vast collection of artifacts and furniture.

An old house from the late 19th century is called Fairlawn Mansion.
The late 19th century saw the construction of the famous Fairlawn Mansion. Source: thingstodopost

Arts and Cultural Events

The city, like Lancaster, is a small town, but you can also enjoy and learn from the numerous cultural activities that take place here. You will have the time of your life at either a delectable food festival or a spectacular music festival in Superior with a select group of your closest friends or family. While taking advantage of the best in fun, entertainment, and food, festival goers may thoroughly immerse themselves in the local culture and ambiance. The events are divided into many categories to appeal to everyone’s tastes, ranging from the largest outdoor beach celebrations to wild music festivals.

You will have the time of your life with a select group of your closest friends or family members at festival in Superior.
You will have the time of your life at either a delectable food festival or a spectacular music festival in Superior. Source: superiorcountry

Other nearby arts and culture events are worth checking out, such as the Roadside Festival, which is held in Wisconsin Dells. You can also explore the Wisconsin Valley Country Music Festival, which is held in Wisconsin Rapids. You can visit Wisconsin’s tourism website to learn more about the area’s different art and cultural events.

The World Of Wheels Skate Center

If you love skating and are a fan of indoor skating, you must visit The World of Wheels Skate Center. This famous skating rink features skating events and skating programs for both adults and kids. This skating rink is open year-round, and it features an arcade, a snack bar, and a lounge where you can relax while you skate. 

The World of Wheels Skate Center is a must-see if you enjoy indoor skating and appreciate skating in general.
Visit The World of Wheels Skate Center if you enjoy indoor skating and love to skate. Source: superiortelegram

It also has special skating events for holidays and special occasions. It is a very popular skating rink among families with kids and teens. It is fun to visit with friends and family, and you can even have a skating birthday party at this skating rink. You can see this famous skating rink and enjoy a day of skating to your heart’s content.

Pattison State Park

Pattison State Park is a popular park that is located in Wisconsin. It features various recreational activities, including biking, hiking, camping, and swimming. You can also visit this state park to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and scenic views of the nearby Apostle Islands.

The Apostle Islands may be seen beautifully from Pattison State Park
Pattison State Park offers beautiful views of the surrounding Apostle Islands. Source:  onlyinyourstate

This state park is open year-round and is a great place to visit during any season. You can visit during the summer to enjoy swimming and hiking or during the fall to see the beautiful autumn leaves. If you love outdoor activities and want to visit a place where you can enjoy nature to the fullest, you must visit Pattison State Park. This park is worth visiting for its scenic beauty and outdoor adventures.

The Edgewater Hotel & Waterpark

The Edgewater Hotel & Waterpark is a popular hotel and waterpark that is just a few miles away from Superior, Wisconsin. Because of its distinctive construction and design, which incorporates the grandeur of the night sky and dunes, this hotel is renowned as the “place where the sand meets the cosmos.”

Both children and adults enjoy staying at The Edgewater Waterpark.
Both children and adults adore the Edgewater Waterpark hotel. Source: resortsandlodges

The Edgewater Waterpark features a large indoor pool, an outdoor pool with a dune, a lazy river, and waterslides. It is a popular hotel that is popular with kids and adults. It is a perfect family-friendly destination.


If you are looking for a place to visit in summer, you must consider visiting the city of Superior, Wisconsin. This small city is a popular tourist destination that people from all over the world visit. During your stay in Superior, you can sample delicious foods and drinks, explore gorgeous landmarks, attend exciting events, and enjoy outdoor adventures. There are many things to do in Superior, WI, to offer visitors, and it is worth visiting again.

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