What Time Do Bars Close In Nashville: A Nightlife Guide

Want to drink yourself silly or just look for a night on the town here in Nashville? We got you covered. Read this info-filled article so that you will be able to plan accordingly and enjoy the exciting nightlife in Music City. Hit the road on with our intriguing post: ”What time do bars close in Nashville?” and with your best soft luggage sets.

What Time Do Bars Close In Nashville

With the majority of Nashville’s population now vaccinated, Mayor John Cooper has loosened almost all coronavirus restrictions. Bars in the Music City are allowed to operate normally, and masks are also no longer mandated. In fact, it was lifted way back on May 14, 2021, which has been enforced ever since July 2020. 

Although some bars have closed again due to the Omicron variants, most have opened back up by now. The good old Tennesse alcohol law is now once again in effect: Restaurants and bars serving alcohol must end service at midnight and close by 1:00 am, but if you simply want to grab a packaged beer or wine, you have until 3:00 am to do so.

Oh, and a friendly reminder. According to section 7.24.040 of Metro Code, more commonly knowned as the “Solo Cup Law”, people are prohibited from “possessing any alcoholic beverage in an opened glass, aluminum, or metal container in an area generally open to the public unless the premises is licensed for on-premises consumption”. Keep that in mind the next time you go for a drink.

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Night Clubs In Nashville – Things To Do At 3 Am 

Though it’s no Las Vegas, Nashville is still a place with plenty of fun should you find yourself wanting entertainment hours after midnight. With food, entertainment, music, the capital of Tennessee is a fantastic place to be, with awesome things to do at 3 am

The Big Bang Bar

A night in the Big Bang Bar - what time do bars close in nashville
Night clubs in Nashville tn – The Big Bang Bar – Source: The Big Bang Bar

Seeing as Nashville is known as the Birthplace of Country Music, it’s no wonder that blues and country remain supreme in this city. Still, if you ever want a breath of fresh air, The Big Bang Bar is an excellent choice of entertainment. Known for its pianists’ talent, which covers from pop hits back in the 80s to the latest radio jams, the bar truly lives up to its slogan: “Music you feel. Fun you never forget.” Located at 154 2nd Avenue, right next to Cumberland River, the bar is a place to be if you want a big bang to spice up your late-night fun.

The Big Bang Bar opens every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m. Enquires and reservations should be sent to nashville@thebigbangbar.com or 615.264.5650. Check out their website at https://thebigbangbar.com/ for more information.

Cafe Coco

Cafe Coco - Nashville - what time do bars close in nashville
Things to do in Cafe Coco – Source: Nashville Coffee Shopping

An independent restaurant founded by Chuck Cinelli back in 1995, Cafe Coco is known for its pleasant charm and unique patrons. It opens 24 hours, providing a fun and eccentric meeting place for all by combining music, coffee house, and restaurant in one neat little package.

To locals in Nashville, Cafe Coco is more than just a business establishment; it’s a community amongst a community. Surrounded by the medical community and higher learning institutes such as Vanderbilt and Belmont Univerisity, you can find doctors, attorneys, students, and construction workers among Cafe Coco’s regular customers. Truly a delightful spot that can bring you closer to the local’s tradition.

You can find Cafe Coco at 210 Louise Ave or contact them directly using 615 – 321 – COCO. Its website is https://www.cafecoco.com/.

Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge

Front view of the Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge - what time do bars close in nashville
Night clubs in nashville tn – Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge – Source: Stag & Hen

Tootsie has been a staple in Nashville’s music life since 1960, hosting countless country, blues, and bluegrass. Though the interior looks pretty much like any other simple dive bar, it is one of the South’s top country music venues, and rightfully so.

Even Hollywood can’t resist the funky charm of this place, with movies like Coal Miner’s Daughter, W.W. & the Dixie Dance Kings, and The Nashville Rebel are all filmed here. Finally, the food is nothing to scoff at, and the entertainment is top-notch, with celebrities like Miranda Lambert, Kid Rock, and Luke Bryan all lending their talent to this Music City’s booming nightclub.

You can make a reservation by dropping an email to jim@tootsies.net or contacting them directly through their website at https://tootsies.net/.

Play Dance Bar

Front view of the Play Dance Bar - what time do bars close in nashville
Night clubs in nashville tn – Play Dance Bar – Source: Visit Music City

Play Dance Bar is a premier night clubs in nashville tn that offers a terrific party experience. They gave a wide range of beverages for customers to choose from, and the place is packed with security measures to ensure party goers can fully enjoy themselves without the danger that frequents these types of clubs. Play Dance Bar’s modern decor and fluorescent lighting give the venue an unforgettable atmosphere.

Finally, their VIP lounge seats and bottle services ensure it is a perfect place for any event, from graduation and birthday celebrations to bachelor parties. If you want to have a blast of a time with your friends and family, Play Dance Bar is definitely a place to be.

Play Dance Bar is located at 1519 Church St. You can also check out the bar website at https://www.playdancebar.com/ for more information.


When the sun goes down, Nashville may not be as glamorous as Vegas or New York City, but the Music City still has a vibrant nightlife that captures the hearts of tourists and locals alike. With plenty of drink, food, music, and entertainment, what can you ask for more?
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