Traveling To Bali With A Baby: 5 Reminders To Make It The Best Trip Ever!

Visiting Bali for a break is a great idea. So, don’t let a baby hold you back! We know, sometimes, bringing babies on a family trip is more of a burden than fun as we have to make sure both the adults and the babies are happy. So, we’ve come up with a detailed “Traveling to Bali with a baby” guide.

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Bali?

There are 2 seasons in Bali: rainy and dry season. The dry period, which lasts from April to September, is ideal for visitors thanks to its pleasant weather.

From October to March, it is the rainy period. And as expected, there is usually just torrential rainfall during these months, which strips you of the fun activities. 

Moreover, During these annual rainfalls, there are considerably more mosquitoes around, which could be irritating. Thus, we don’t recommend visiting Bali this season if traveling to Bali with a baby.

Traveling To Bali With A Baby: 5 Reminders To Make It The Best Trip Ever!

Bali is a tropical area with 2 main seasons of dry and rainy. – Teahub

The peak seasons in Bali are around school vacations, particularly December & January, and from July to August festive season in the Northern areas. We highly recommend traveling there during a Balinese festival to see the rich culture of the Balinese at its finest. 

Although Bali possesses many visitors during peak seasons, there is enough space for everybody, and there are plenty of areas to explore in Bali for kids at any period of the year.

Otherwise, if you don’t like crowded times, the optimal period to escape the hustle and bustle is between April and June, and September. 

Things To Prepare For The Trip

Traveling to Bali with a baby calls for lots of preparations. Refer to our list below for more information.

For Adults

  • Passports and visas.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Airport transportation.

Passports and visas are the first 2 things on the list. It’s a must that you hold a valid passport for at least 6 months on the arrival time. This regulation is enforced rigorously by immigration. 

Things To Prepare For The Trip

It’s a must to hold a valid passport and visa to visit Bali. – Bali villas for rent

For a maximum stay of 1 month, passport owners from Australia, India, the United States, and most European nations do not require visas. However, it’s important to note that the day you arrive serves as day 1.

After checking your passports and visa, see if you have travel & health insurance. We highly advise against traveling with no travel insurance as urgent medical services might rapidly get highly costly. 

Trip insurance is usually in the package if you pay for your trip costs using a credit card. For further information, contact your card issuer.

Getting to your accommodation

Getting to your accommodation from the airport with the airport shuttle service is effortless. – The Jakarta Post 

One more thing to plan is to book an airport shuttle service. Even though Bali’s airports are getting better, you could still find it difficult to hop on a taxi that will drive you to your accommodation, especially if you are traveling abroad with children, belongings, strollers, and so on.

If your resort/hotel does not offer airport transportation, you may book your vehicle online at a modest charge before the flight and reach your destination stress-free. In addition, On-demand baby seats are offered.

For Kids

  • Special Medications.
  • Baby Carriers.
  • Baby Seat.
  • Sunscreen.

Baby food and supplies aren’t your worries when traveling to Bali. 

Like Carrefour in Southern Bali, large groceries stores and supermarkets carry practically anything you’d encounter in similar locations back home, including various Western products. Pampers, Western baby foods, canned UHT milk, newborn formulas, and other necessities are readily available.

For Kids

Bali has lots of shopping malls and stores to adapt to your baby’s needs. – NOW! Bali

Yet, pay special attention to medication. If your child needs specific medicine, take a note from the pediatrician and the prescription in its initial container to avoid airport questioning. 

However, if you forget to bring medication, various drugstore establishments in Bali provide excellent services and know what they’re doing. 

Besides that, there are a few things to bear in mind when vacationing with your kids. Some preparation tips when traveling to Bali with a baby are:

  • Bring a baby carrier with you: Bali’s hardly navigable roads and walkways are unsuitable for baby strollers or prams.
  • An on-the-go changing blanket, hand-washing liquid, and similar items are helpful as it’s hard to find baby changing sites in Bali.
  • Car seats for children are a must: They are rarely available in hired or contracted vehicles.

Additionally, if you’re also having a kid from 6 to 12 years old, binoculars for your little adventurers are a great choice. They will allow our kids to explore more things!

Also, keep in mind that the sunshine is harsh in Bali, and even if the sky is full of clouds, some rays might still sneak through and induce sunburn. Thus, carry your sunscreen from home since it is rather pricey in Bali.

Traveling To Bali With A Baby: Where To Stay?

There are so many accommodation options when it comes to Bali’s trips.

A facility offering a pool, air conditioners, and a seaside position while also providing a welcome respite is perfect for lower-budget visitors. Thankfully, Bali has a lot of accommodation options that offer precisely that.

Traveling To Bali With A Baby: Where To Stay?

The low-budget options in Bali are already perfect for a family trip – Bali with a baby. The Asia Collective

Moving onto the higher-priced segment, most resorts surrounding Tuban northward to Legian and Nusa Dua provide specific services for children, including a range of events all day and night. Meanwhile, those higher-end ones offer guarded pool facilities plus various entertaining kid-friendly sections.

Several other motels and homestays, regardless of budget, provide a ‘family package,’ which allows kids up to roughly 12 years old to sleep in the same room alongside the adults for free.

motels and homestay - bali with a baby

A family plan could save you a bit of money, too – Bali with a baby. Culture Trip 

The problem is that some facilities might charge you if you ask for additional beds. However, most standard hotels have already provided family bedrooms that could fit 4 or more guests.

A villa-style apartment in Seminyak, Kerobokan, or Canggu would also be ideal for your family. You’ll possess a swimming pool and, almost always, more than 1 TV inside your private mini accommodation. Kitchen utensils in such sites allow you to create favorite meals, and complete privacy allows for restful sleep.

Many hotels also provide you with a babysitter throughout the daytime or nighttime so you can spend time for yourself or your spouse. Moreover, hotel employees are typically eager to assist and adapt, so always speak to them if you want anything for your kids.

Best Places To Visit In Bali With Kids: Check Them Out

Bali is a beautiful tropical land that serves a lot of sights and activities for both kids and adults to enjoy. Indeed, it could take up to 4 days in Bali to fully grasp and explore the region’s most basic quintessence and traditional value. 

Bali Adventure – Mikevisuals

However, if you run a bit short of time, consider some of the places below. They are the most famous and kid-friendly areas for families to visit.  


Kuta Bali is among the most well-known tourist attractions on the island of Bali, notably on Bali’s Kuta beach.

The coastline’s gorgeous pristine sand is one of the contributing factors to Kuta Beach’s popularity as a tourism hotspot. Unlike other hectic beach shores, the locals clean the sand regularly.

Furthermore, the ripples are so gentle, making them ideal for kids. For adults, people usually enjoy watching the sunsets and sunbathing on the beautiful shoreline. 

Kuta touristic region features its signature beautiful sandy shoreline and boasts a bunch of nighttime entertainment. Furthermore, this tourism center is among the most incredible spots to explore in Bali if you prefer to shop. A diverse range of foreign and native Balinese items are available within this region.

The Waterbom Park (waterpark) will also deliver a fantastic day out for the children. In addition, Kuta has a wealth of nightclubs and pubs where you may get a cocktail late in the evening. Moreover, regardless of the place you stay in Bali, you could always treat yourself to a massage. 

The best thing is that you could spare all these fun activities and have fun while the hotel’s babysitter takes care of your children. Kuta is also a wonderful place to practice surfing.

Based on traffic volume, Kuta is approximately 15 mins away from the airport. Once you get to the airport, you could take a cab from the local airport stands or book a shuttle online or via your accommodation. If you’re traveling from a different region of Bali, you could rent a car or hire a personal driver to make stops during your travel.


Legian rests quietly between Kuta and Seminyak, and its vibe embodies a mixture of modern towns and inherent relaxing touches. Indeed, it’s not as crowded as Kuta and not as chic as Seminyak. 

Thus, if you prefer to stay in the heart of Bali’s touristic areas without the hustling pace while having stores, markets, local restaurants, and the sea just outside your window, this is the place to be.

Moreover, if you wish to vacation in Seminyak but couldn’t afford it, Legian will be a fantastic choice. Or, if you intend to remain close to Kuta but do not want to spend the night there, Legian provides excellent value for its price.

Based on traffic circumstances, Legian is around 20 mins from the airport, and you could either rent a car, book a service, or ask your hotels to provide the shuttle for you.

Sightseeing, sunbathing, dining out, saunas, and surfing classes are just a few of the entertainment options in Legian. There is also a big market that sells native Balinese handicrafts and goods at the seashore side of Jalan Melasti for shopaholics.

Walking is the best method to explore Legian. Alternatively, Bluebird cabs are the ones to choose from if you need to travel a bit farther. 

Lovina Modest

Lovina is among Bali’s largest Northern coastal towns, and it is often considered the black sheep of Bali, yet it is well worth a gander! It’s another wonderful option to get away from the crowds. Lovina possesses a spectacular black volcanic sandy shoreline that runs for a few miles.

You may quickly go to Lovina by bus, yet stay informed that it would be a long road trip. In this case, if you have very active and energetic kids, they might feel bored and tired sitting on a bus for too long. Thus, we don’t recommend this option for families with young children. 

Renting a vehicle and a driver is a much more convenient method to travel to the northern side. However, a scooter is a more efficient means of transport than a car. If traveling by scooter, remember to follow all traffic regulations when riding to Lovina.

Based on the time and traffic volume, you may get to Lovina in approximately 3 hrs from Kuta or roughly 3.5 hrs from Ngurah Rai International Airport or Sanur beach.

Apart from lying on the beach shore, you could also visit the waterfalls in Bali. Indeed, some of the best waterfalls are in the island’s north, and you can easily visit them on a day trip from Lovina. Our favorite waterfalls in North Bali were the Sekumpul waterfall and the Banyumala twin waterfall.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua resides almost entirely inside its Bali cocoon. Gorgeous and spotless beauty with overwhelmingly high-end hotels, the place indeed has some wonders to offer. Thus, Nusa Dua is ideal for a Bali family vacation or honeymoon retreat if you have a bigger budget.

Although Nusa Dua is just around 30 mins away from Kuta, the two 2 are completely different. Nusa Dua is peaceful and private. Most of the properties on the land are fancy resorts and beaches.

The beaches are much less busy here, excluding Pandawa Beach, which draws many tourists as having a beautiful coast. Therefore, if you prefer to chill in private 5-star grandeur, this is the place to be.

With that in mind, Nusa Dua makes a nice spot to rest for a family vacation in Bali, especially if you have babies and toddlers coming along since there are fewer tourists and noise, plus the waters are gentler.

So, what can you do in Nusa Dua? Nusa Dua isn’t famous for being a booming hub of activities. Instead, it operates at a calmer pace than Kuta. There is a commercial complex and also a few marketplaces for you to shop around.

You could also enjoy some fine dining, jogging along the boardwalk on the beach, sunbathing on the fine sand, participating in some exciting team-building water sports, or cycling along the shores. There are a lot of things to do at your resort or other places, too. 


Seminyak, 30 mins away from the airport (depending on the traffic situation), is Bali’s most iconic landmark. Tourists come here for the grace, trendy vibe, and leisure that Kuta and Legian don’t have. 

Consider premium stores, upscale massages, a diversity of eating establishments, and seaside pubs. In addition, the area offers countless boutiques with luxury clothing stores and stunning furnishing showrooms, huge malls, and beautiful art exhibitions. 

With rustic restaurants and exquisite meals, and a range of international delicacies, Seminyak always has something for everybody’s taste.

Seminyak is bustling with tourists and activities. You could enjoy a whole afternoon at the seaside. Alternatively, go for Balinese massages, try some theocratic services, go shopping, have some fine dining, or try a mixture of everything to regain your complete relaxation. 

Another activity you should not skip is admiring a breathtaking sunset, whether on the shore or at one of the countless beachside pubs. Although Seminyak offers endless possibilities, we highly advise coupling your vacation to Bali with a few other destinations.

Sanur Beach

Sanur is around 30 mins from the Kuta region (up to 60 mins if traffic is terrible). An excellent vacation spot if you prefer to visit somewhere with lovely coastlines and much less of a partying vibe.

The region is among Bali’s oldest tourist towns, and it still maintains a laidback and casual vibe with a pleasant rural character. Similar to Legian, Sanur offers the right balance: it’s not as crowded as neighboring beach resorts like Seminyak or Kuta, but it’s also not too boring.

Most visitors come here for the relaxed ambiance, local spirit, and ease of traveling to different parts of Bali. In addition, it often serves as a scuba-diving site and is well-known for its annual kite festival.

Another thing that highlights Sanur is their pristine beach, which is so lovely with the mesmerizing sand shores and peaceful azure waves. If heading to the beach isn’t your thing, there are also several commercial areas to explore.

Meanwhile, the area also has numerous dining options near the seaside and in the heart of downtown. Besides, this lovely Balinese community also boasts safe and distinctive lanes for tourist bicycling and also concrete sidewalks for parents with babies and prams to go around.


Based on traffic volume, Ubud is around 1.5 to 2 hrs from the airport. 

It is typically referred to as Bali’s cultural center. Indeed, it’s not strange to encounter a Balinese ritual while you’re staying in Ubud, which is a real treat. 

Although the Ubud community itself might be pretty crowded, its surroundings are incredibly peaceful. Indeed, you’ll be amazed by the gorgeous lush waves of paddy fields.

This is the area you should spend at least a couple of days during your Bali vacation. Everything about it makes you calm down and view things in different ways.

Ubud offers a plethora of activities. Enjoying a spa treatment, dining, taking a culinary class, shopping, touring an exhibition space, or practicing some local arts and handicrafts are all choices. The regional Ubud market is also fantastic.

Several activities and daily outings are offered here, ranging from wandering across rice paddies to river rafting. In addition, a cycling ride around the towns is a great way to see Bali’s gorgeous landscapes, culture and get to know the natives.

What To Eat In Bali? Top Delicacies And Specialties You Should Try

Babies and your cuisine-exploring journey won’t affect one another too much! Babies drink bottled milk, and you do you.

Bali has tons of delicious and mouth-watering specialties to offer. However, remember that you’re on your family holidays in Indonesia, a country with quite a spicy cuisine. Thus, make sure to tell the street vendors/ restaurant waiters to avoid spiciness as you’re traveling with kids or couldn’t handle the heat.

Below, we’ve put together the top 3 local dishes to enjoy in your Bali stay. 

Babi Guling – Suckling Pig

One of Bali’s most well-renowned delicacies calls the name of babi guling or suckling pig. This food is hard to find in other parts of Indonesia except for Bali because most Indonesian people are Muslim.

Babi guling means “turning pig” as it is manually flipped over an open flame. Previously, babi guling was mainly offered during sacred rituals or large festivals, but with the tourism growth, it is now available in most Balinese dining locations.

Babi Guling - Suckling Pig - bali with a baby

Babi Guling is among the delicacies of Bali – bali with a baby. BBC 

Ibu Oka in Ubud is by far the most famous venue to get babi guling. Anthony Bourdain, a renowned chef, popularized this establishment. Because the business is so successful, the owners opted to establish two more facilities. 

However, most visitors still prefer the original Ibu Oka site. Yet, it is always busy with visitors, and the expense is a little more pricey; thus, we’d recommend visiting 2 other locations for a better experience with kids.

Gado Gado- Indonesian Salad

This is a food that will please people of all tastes.

If you are a vegan, you should give gado gado a whirl. Of course, you could turn practically all Balinese food vegan, but this is the delicacy that nearly no one could turn down.

Gado Gado- Indonesian Salad-bali with a baby

Gado Gado is a classic food of Balinese – bali with a baby. BBC Good Food

This Indonesian classic is the main ingredients in Tempeh, tofu, cucumbers, bean sprouts, kidney beans, and occasionally eggs. This dish comes garnished with a special peanut sauce coating that gives it a rich, salty, and peppery flavor.

Bebek Bengil – The crispiest duck in Bali

Another Balinese specialty is Bebek Bengil (meaning “dirty duck”), and you just couldn’t claim you’ve traveled to Bali until you taste this unique must-have. This delicacy includes 1⁄2 a duck which chefs cook with special Indonesian seasonings before getting it deep-fried into a crunchy crisp.

bali with a baby

Bebek Bengil is a must-try dish when traveling to Bali – Bali with a baby. South China Morning Post

Each portion includes sautéed potatoes, a green salad, or rice and Indonesian veggies. If you enjoy potatoes even more than we do, you may get your rice replaced with velvety mashed potatoes that enhance the tastes of the duck.

Bali street food tour:

Wrapping Up

Traveling to Bali with a baby is a worthwhile journey. Locals believe children to be members of the town, and everybody shares a responsibility to them. Thus, babies and kids of all ages would love the attentiveness and the countless activities they could experience in this beautiful land. 

The stunning landscapes, unique culture, attentive locals, tasty delicacies, and tons of exciting activities, all together, will make your Bali trip an unforgettable experience. 

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