Can You Bring A Candle On A Plane? A Traveler’s Guide On What To Bring And Not Bring On A Flight

Can you bring a candle on a plane? Can you bring my knitting tools, scissors, razor, or army knife when you fly? Can you also bring your lighter and sporting equipment? These are some questions that travelers ask as they can’t bring some objects to be aboard the plane for several reasons. Of course, most of the reasons boil down to passenger safety, as per the Transportation Security Administration or TSA.

For obvious reasons, it’s logical for some items to be banned on planes, like explosives, fireworks, axes, firearms, and other potentially threatening items. But passengers are also not allowed to bring more than 100ml of liquid on a plane, which people who want to travel with their favorite drinks don’t find useful. But there are reasons behind all these rules, of course.

If you’ve been thinking of traveling and want to make sure that you can fly with all of the items you brought with you, remember to check what you can and can’t bring, so you wouldn’t have to discard them before boarding the plane. Yes, we will also give you the reasons behind them as it’s not just because the airlines and the TSA are bossing you around on what should be in your bags.

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Things You Can And Can’t Bring On A Flight

One of the many things you could be stressing about when you’re preparing for a trip is your luggage and carry-on bags, especially if it’s an extended vacation and you must pack many things with you. Sometimes, airlines don’t allow the weirdest things on their plane, so you end up thinking out loud, ‘Can you bring a candle on a plane?

It would help if you chose which travel essentials are important enough for you to pack with you and which ones you would need to put in your checked-in luggage. So, here are some items that most travelers frequently doubt if they can bring on a flight with them:


Liquids and gels are permitted in your carry-on bags and checked-in luggage, but they must adhere to certain guidelines. All of your liquids must be in containers no larger than 100 mL (3.4 oz). If you have a brand or special toiletries you need to bring, such as shampoos, shower gels, and toothpaste, you can transfer them to travel-sized containers. If the products you need aren’t available in smaller containers, you can transfer some of them to a bottle that can carry 100 ml or less. 

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Sporting Equipment

Baseball bats, bows and arrows, golf clubs, and just much any other recreational equipment can’t be in your carry-on bags. While you can store them in your checked-in luggage, you would risk losing or damaging them. So, if you plan on playing sports in your destination, consider renting the equipment you need when you get there to avoid any inconvenience.

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Candles And Lighters 

candle lovers
Candle lovers would like the fact that they can bring candles on a flight. Source:

Some flights wouldn’t allow you to bring lighters and matches when you’re traveling, even if you leave them in your checked-in luggage. The reason for this is because these items are flammable, and you wouldn’t want your luggage to accidentally start a fire when you’re up in the air, wouldn’t you? This restriction begs the question most candle-lovers have asked, which is ‘Can you bring a candle on a plane?’ Yes, you can, but you just have to wait to get to your destination before you can light any of them, of course.


Wrap any items made of glass to keep them from breaking.
Glass might shatter if you put them in your carry-on or checked-in baggage. Source:

It’s understandable if you’ve asked, ‘Can you bring glass on a plane?’ because when glass breaks, the pieces can be sharp, which could become dangerous, and this is what the TSA wants to avoid at all costs. So, if you have a framed portrait or an antique vase you want to bring with you for some reason, then it has to go to your checked-in luggage. But according to the TSA website, however, you can bring glass on a plane in your carry-on bag. Just make sure you wrap it properly to keep them from breaking. You should also check with the airlines as some wouldn’t allow it with you.


Another common question most people ask is ‘Can you bring a speaker on a plane?’, and the simple answer is yes. You can pack yours in your carry-on bags or leave them in your checked-in luggage, and there shouldn’t be any problems. You just have to make sure you’re not going to use them to play loud music as it would make any other passengers feel annoyed, no matter how cool your music taste is.

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Sharp Objects

Don’t put any sharp objects in your carry-on bags for obvious reasons that they could harm you or the other passengers. - can you bring a candle on a plane
Sharp objects shouldn’t be in your carry-on bags as they can become weapons. Source:

Sharp objects are not allowed in carry-on bags for obvious reasons that they could be used as weapons or unintentionally cause harm. While some would allow them to be in your checked-in bags, the final decision lies with the airlines. So, just leave your knives, scissors, and swords at home where they can be at peace and not cause you any worries.

There is good news for people who love knitting to pass the time, especially on long journeys, because they can bring their knitting tools in their carry-on bags. But since they are mostly sharp and could pose a threat when used as a weapon, the same uncertainty might apply as some agents might confiscate them, which could be a bummer. So, just double-check with the airlines you will be flying with.

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Have A Safe Flight

Always double-check with the airlines the items you can and can’t bring when flying. - can you bring a candle on a plane
Fly safely and without feeling anxious by knowing what to bring with you during a flight. Source:

Give yourself a chance to enjoy your flight and stop asking, ’Can you bring a candle on a plane?‘ It’s so much better to go to your next destination without all these questions running in your head, so the rule is for you to always check with the airlines beforehand so you would know the things you can put in your bags, and just leave the ones you can’t bring.

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