City Where The Sun Don’t Set – Where Fun Doesn’t End

Travelling gives you many wonderful experiences. You meet local people and learn about different cultures, which is really exciting. Sometimes you do all wish these enjoyable days would never come to an end. Well, you can totally have your wish fulfilled, as we are here to give you a hand. Let us guide you through a city where the sun don’t set, one of the best places that are off the beaten track. 

What Is A City Where The Sun Don’t Set?

Before going further, I believe that most of you are wondering: “Is there anything wrong here? Why not ‘a city where the sun doesn’t set’?” Actually, the line has its origin in a song by Benny Blanco, which is a subject of much discussion these days. (You can also get to know him via You lyrics Benny Blanco.) The line goes so viral that people want to delve into its underlying meaning, rather than just its grammar.

“He used to meet me on Eastside

In the city where the sun don’t set…”

Literally, a city where the sun don’t set can refer to parts close to the poles of the Earth. Due to their specific geographical locations, these places obviously have a 20 hour to 24-hour daytime. 

Well, we are so comfortable with our normal routine that revolves around the 12 hours in sunlight and 12-hour nighttime. Imagine how interesting it would be for tourists to keep track of time when they have no clues when the sun sets. Neither do you know when to sleep nor when to wake up. Some local people can even get confused about what the time is! With that said, cities with the midnight sun, thus, are really something that is worth a shot. 

A city where the sun don’t set can also be much more figurative. Just forget the phenomenon that makes your holiday bright and sunny for weeks and months. I mean, a city where the sun don’t set in the famous song can refer to somewhere that never sleeps. Well lit, crowded, and busy, these cities seem to be promised lands for travelholics who prefer to soak in an experience at a fast and lively pace. 

As mentioned earlier, it seems that the lyrics in ‘Eastside’ by Benny Blanco raise a huge misconception among lots of people about a real city where the sun doesn’t set. It becomes the subject of much discussion whether somewhere on Earth does exist. 

Some assume that the song lyrics can refer to either Manhattan, Miami, Scandinavia, or Los Angeles. Either way, they got that right with their points of view, and people keep talking about it to date. Well, these ideas sound interesting enough, but what we want to show you is somewhere off the beaten track: places where the sun doesn’t set, literally.

City Where The Sun Don’t Set - Where Fun Doesn’t End

City where the sun don’t set – Source: MSM

So, have you ever thought about a vacation to places where the sun in the summer can often be seen past midnight? If not, let me guide you through. You will have the most exotic holiday ever in the following destinations!

Places Where The Sun Doesn’t Set

Here is the most awaited part that you have been searching for!

#1 Norway

Let me tell you about the first destination to enjoy your fun trip: Norway. I will not go into too many details about where this country is situated on a map (actually, it is in the Arctic circle, just if you want to know more). However, what you will find in the following part is all about ‘the land of the midnight sun’. 

During the summer months, or about a period of 76 days from late May to late July, the sun does not completely descend beneath the horizon. If you head towards this Nordic country during this time, you can find sunlight all out there, for about 20 hours per day, to be precise. With that said, if appreciating the sunset in coastal areas is a normal thing in our usual routine, in Norway, it isn’t.

#1 Norway

Norway, the land of Midnight Sun – Source: Visitnorway

Life keeps going on as usual for the locals, not for new visitors. The sun shines without a break can get you irritated at first, but you will soon get used to it. With up to 20 hours of daytime, you can do pretty much everything that you want. 

In Norway, you can have a totally different experience than any other place on Earth. There are plenty of things to do when you spend your time here, like sea kayaking, fishing, golfing, sightseeing, etc. However, don’t forget to hike or bike along the coastal areas in Southern Norway and see Northern lights in Northern Norway. Your vacation could go further than you have imagined when packing your rucksack here!

#2 Iceland

If you want to travel to Iceland to enjoy complete daylight, this Europe’s second-largest island will be a nice option. From May 10 to the end of July, you will see no darks there as the sun is above the horizon 24 hours per day. So, when enjoying a bright and sunny holiday in Iceland, you can get the most out of the beautiful, and varied landscapes.


Enjoy your time in Iceland – Source: Adventures

Despite the name of the island, Iceland welcomes tourists with its breath-taking and splendid natural sightseeings. Waterfalls, volcanoes and glaciers, and geysers have nothing short of excitement. Besides going sightseeing, you can also go camping, diving, whale watching, caving, and cycling. Importantly, there is nothing more interesting than riding Icelandic horses or playing golf at any of the 65 golf courses at midnight. 

Fun seems to never end on this amazing island.

#3 Canada

When it comes to a place where the sun doesn’t set, Canada is a nice destination to consider for your vacation. Not everywhere in this country is in the entire sunlight for weeks and months. The world’s second-largest country is almost covered with snow around the year, except for Inuvik and Northwest Territories. During the summer in these cities, you can experience no sunsets for up to 50 days.

#3 Canada

Experience the midnight sun in Canada – Source: Spectacularnwt

Do you know what to do in a city where the sun doesn’t set during the summer? If your answer is ‘No’, let me inspire you with some interesting activities.

Canada offers a lot of tourist attractions, including historical monuments like Fort McPherson, Church of Our Lady of Good Hope, etc., and many exciting activities. Imagine how exhilarating it could be when you go for Aurora viewing, mountaineering, fishing and hunting. Plus, the annual Great Northern Arts Festival in mid-July and the Midnight Sun Fun Run can give you memories that last a lifetime.

All In All

The expression of a city where the sun don’t set in Blanco’s song can make you confused at first. But if you get this far, you are sure to get to know what these places look like. These cities, by nature, are places where you experience no sunsets. Life is short and who knows what’s coming tomorrow. A holiday to these cities will grant you more time to enjoy a lot more things than anywhere on Earth.

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