Why Should You Go To Cubans On The Run Once?

One of the well-known Latin-style restaurants is Cubans On The Run. You can find unique, delicious dishes here, such as empanadas, grilled pork, or Cuban bread, just a few of the delectable dishes available. So, what is it about this eatery that makes it so appealing? Let’s look into some exciting things regarding Cubans On The Run.

About Cubans On The Run 

  • Address: 2956 S US Hwy 17 92, Casselberry, Florida 32707, U.S.A

Cubans On The Run is a small Cuban restaurant located on the edge of Longwood. Yesid Saavedra is the restaurant’s proprietor. He and his late father-in-law Jose Torres opened Cubans On The Run as a small sandwich business in 1993. However, due to the ravages of the Charlie hurricane in 2004, this bakery was wrecked. Nevertheless, they didn’t give up and rebuilt the restaurant with a larger space and a varied menu featuring a variety of Cuban foods.

The restaurant specializes in traditional Cuban dishes such as black bean soup, Cuban bread, grilled pork, steak sandwiches, sweet bananas, or Ropa Vieja (a word likened to “old clothes” made from ribs and lean). At this Cuban restaurant, it would be wonderful to be able to drink aromatic white wine and taste unique dishes.

Menu Of Cubans On The Run

Cubans On The Run‘s menu is diverse, with more than 50 dishes (sandwiches, hot meals, kids meals, soup & tamales, side orders, dessert) and more than ten types of drinks. Dishes range in price from $0.9 to $11.

Cuban sandwiches on the run, roast pig, breaded spicy chicken, pan con Timba, Picadillo, shredded beef, tamales combo, homemade key lime pie, and tres leches are just a few of the must-try delicacies. This restaurant also serves cold drinks such as carbonated drinks, soft drinks, Spanish beverages, iced tea, and coffee.

Cuban sandwiches on the run is a few of the must-try delicacies.
Cubans On The Run’s menu is extremely diverse – Source: www.ubereats.com

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Review of Some Special Dishes

Chimichurri Steak with Grilled Onions

Although the steak was very thin, it was significant in size. A serving consists of 2 large pieces with rich flavors. Chimichurri sauce and fragrant roasted onions are sprinkled over the steak. Many diners think this dish will be better served with deep-fried bread with a strange crunchy salty taste.   

Chicken Fricassee

That is one of the most expensive dishes at Cubans On The Run. A serving consists of a large chicken thigh, a giant chicken leg, several pieces of stewed potatoes, rich rice, red beans, and four dishes of Maduro (a type of sweet potato chips). The chicken is delicious, juicy, flavorful, and not dry. Some diners commented that this is one of the best chicken dishes in Casselberry, Florida.

Cuban Sandwiches

If you enjoy Cuban sandwiches once, you’ll most likely love them. That is one of the traditional Cuban dishes. The dish’s ingredients include roast pork, little ham, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard, and tiny pickles. Sandwiches have a delicious flavor that anyone who eats them will remember for the rest of their lives. Understandably, that is considered as “the best Cuban sandwich in Orlando”.

Cuban sandwiches are a classic Cuban cuisine.
Cubans On The Run sandwiches have a unique and n nutty flavor – Source: www.businessyab.com


Chicharron is deep-fried pork and has crispy, fatty skin. The flavor of this dish is harsh, dry, and very brittle. You should come here early on Saturdays if you want softer and fresher pork.


That is a fried cake with a half-moon-shaped shell and meat inside. The filling of ground beef is seasoned and abundant; the crust is crispy, beautiful, and low in fat. To balance the sweet and salty flavors, you should add little extra tomatoes to the inside of the dish.


Croquettes are fried appetizers made with chopped cold cuts and a thick bechamel sauce. You can taste the soft cream within and the crispy crust as you eat it.

Recommendations of Cuban Restaurants Near Casselberry

If you love Cuban food and want to enjoy more of the unique Cuban dishes near Casselberry, you can refer to the well-reviewed restaurants below.

Lo Mejor Del Mundo Cuban

  • Address: 181 Oxford Rd, Casselberry, FL 32730, U.S.A

That is a great restaurant to drink coffee, enjoy delicious dishes like pork stew, shredded beef, chicken stew, bean soup, chicken noodle soup, bread pudding, pastries, Cuban sandwiches, pan con, croquettes, and so on. It will be a nice place to enjoy a cozy meal with family.

Lo Mejor Del Mundo Cuban is a great restaurant to drink coffee, enjoy delicious dishes
In addition to Cubans On The Run, you can enjoy Cuban food here – Source: www.univision.com

If you’re in Los Angeles, and you’re looking for a wine and cheese menu, go no further. Come to Larchmont Village and let your appetite run wild.

Rey’s Cuban Cafe

  • Address: 7800 S US Hwy 17 92 #194, Casselberry, Florida 32730, U.S.A

The taste of coffee at Rey’s Cuban is trendy. Every day, this restaurant receives numerous coffee orders. All of the dishes here are made with fresh ingredients and convey the most incredible flavors of Cuban cuisine. Steaks, sandwiches, appetizers, salads, soups, seafood, and desserts are all available on Rey’s Cuban Cafe’s menu, with prices ranging from $1.99 to $9.99.

The taste of coffee at Rey'sRey's Cuban is trendy.
Like Cubans On The Run, Rey’s Cuban Cafe is one of the most popular places to eat – Source: postmates.com

Zaza Cuban Comfort Food

  • Address: 3500 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, Florida, 32806, U.S.A

That will be a great place to enjoy breakfast if you don’t have time to have breakfast at home. You can find a quick and nutritious meal here. Zaza Cuban Comfort Food is known for its authentic Cuban cuisine, delectable coffee, and delicious desserts. The must-try dishes of Zaza Cuban include sandwiches, pastries, plants, and soups cooked in Cuban style.

Zaza Cuban Comfort Food offers a quick and nutritious supper.
This is one of the places to enjoy delicious Cuban sandwiches besides Cubans On The Run – Source: zazacubancomfort.com

If you have a habit of skipping breakfast. In Reno, Nevada, there are three top-rated breakfast spots. You will be able to break your harmful behaviors.

Alex’s Cuban Cafe

  • Address: 941 S US Hwy 17 92, Longwood, Florida 32750, U.S.A

Alex’s Cuban Cafe is where you can find the best Cuban sandwiches. The food here is incredibly fresh. The dishes here are very diverse such as salads, sandwiches, chicken, and tropical juices. The service staff’s attitude is entirely professional and friendly, which is impressive for diners.

The greatest Cuban sandwiches may be found at Alex's Cuban Cafe.
If you’ve loved the food at Cubans On The Run, you’ll definitely love the food menu here – Source: www.ubereats.com

Black Bean Deli Orlando

  • Address: 1835 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, Florida 32803, U.S.A

Diners highly appreciate black Bean Deli Orlando for its menu and service. The ingredients for the dishes here are made from the freshest ingredients. Sandwiches, plates (picadillo, papas rellenas, chicken), snacks (croquettes, pastelitos, etc.), desserts, drinks, and coffee are among the many delicious Cuban meals available.

The ingredients used in the Bean Deli Orlando recipes are as fresh as possible.
Cubans On The Run and Black Bean Deli Orlando are two Cuban-style restaurants that are loved by many diners – Source: postmates.com

Try visiting Cubans On The Run and the Cuban restaurants recommended above once. Don’t forget to comment with your thoughts on if the menu at these establishments is as described.

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