Puerto Rico Weather In December: Is It Favorable For A Visit?

Many tourists are hesitant to visit Puerto Rico in December because they believe the weather will be unfavorable. However, December is an excellent month to visit Puerto Rico. Indeed, Puerto Rico weather in December is so pleasant and won’t prevent you from enjoying any fun activities. 

Puerto Rico Weather In December: Is It Cold?

In December, the area’s weather is mild and bright, while the rainfall is light to moderate, which gives us an excellent time to experience some of the island’s beautiful highlights.

Moreover, although December is among the top humid months of the year, it isn’t too muggy, and the humidity tends to disappear as the month comes to its end. 

Some helpful seasonal weather averages in December:

  • Average high: 84°F (29°C)
  • Average low: 73°F (23°C)
  • Outdoor temperature: 25.2°C to 27.3°C
  • The common types of weather: Sunshiny and Cloudless.
  • The winds are at an average speed of 26 kilometers per hour.
  • During 2 weeks, it rains 62mm.

P/s: If you want to enjoy a bit of a chillier setting, consider Puerto Rico weather January. It’s the coldest month of the year, featuring lows of around 70°F (21 °C) and highs of around 83°F (28°C) averagely.

Meanwhile, if the humidity of December scares you a bit, the warm and sunny weather in Puerto Rico in March is for you. It is the driest period of the year, averaging approximately 64.6% moisture level.

Prepare For Your December Trip To Puerto Rico

While preparing for a visit to Puerto Rico in December, choose casual outfits for the summery, typically dry conditions. Include swimsuits, sunblock, sunglasses, a cap, and water footwear if you want to enjoy the beaches during your stay.

Puerto Rico weather in December: Is It Favorable For A Visit?

The weather is nice and sunny so you won’t need wintertime clothes. – Discover Puerto Rico

Moreover, long-sleeved trousers and shirts, as well as an insect repellant, are advisable for possibly cold evenings and mosquito prevention. Finally, even though the rain doesn’t pour hard this month, it’s still advisable to carry a raincoat, an umbrella, and footwear ideal for traveling in muddy areas.

What Can I Do In Puerto Rico In December?

Our first suggestion is to go swimming. Swimming is fantastic on the waters of San Juan in December with sea temperatures hitting 28.3°C at maximum and 27.7°C on usual days.

But that’s not the only thing to enjoy in Puerto Rico! December means it’s time for Christmas, and believe us; you’ll encounter a lifetime experience here. 

what Can I Do In Puerto Rico In December?

Enjoying Christmas in Puerto Rico will be one of the most interesting activities of your trip. – Dreamstime

For decades, Puerto Rico has been famous for hosting the globe’s longest Christmas. They treasure this time of the year more than anywhere on Earth with spectacular celebrations, cultural entertainment, and mouth-watering delicacies. 

As a result, during December, you can experience lots of holiday festivities held by the locals, most of which are strongly tied to Christmas. 

Indeed, Puerto Rico has it all, from the vibrantly colored ancient Hatillo Masks Festival to the boat parade featuring Christmas decorations in San Juan to the La Feria amusement park. There will always be a thing for all of us.

  • Las Mañanitas at Ponce Cathedral: Each year, on Dec 12th, hundreds of people gather at the beautiful church on the Southern shore of Ponce to chant “Las Maanitas,” the traditional Mexican Christmas carol. 

Then, mariachis lead the spiritual parade commemorating The Lady of Guadalupe, the area’s patron saint. Breakfast is available each morning in front of City Hall following their morning mass. After that, the Plaza Las Delicias continues to host entertaining events, local delicacies, and festivities throughout the weekend.

Las Mañanitas en Honor a la Virgen de Guadalupe Ponce Dic 12 2014
  • Festival del Petate: This yearly festival at the Plaza Publica de Sabana Grande in the region’s southwestern starts from Dec 13 to 15, 2019, and features a marketplace for artisans who craft interior décor pieces from the petate trees. There will also be bands playing, presentations, and food vendors at the festival.
Toritos de Petate | Morelia 2018
  • Hatillo Masks Festival: If you enjoy festive folklore events, don’t miss this one on December 28, 2019, which has been going on ever since the Spanish conquistadors built Hatillo on the northern shore in 1823. The festival commemorates King Herod’s decree to murder all newborn boys to assassinate Baby Jesus. 

Participants dressed up wearing colorful masks and outfits as servicemen parade or ride around town in floats seeking the kids participating in the events.

Nebulosos 2019 Full Video Mascaras de Hatillo 2019 GoPro:
  • La Feria – The Park: The La Feria theme park at San Juan’s Hiram Bithorn Stadium starts on November 29, 2019, and runs until early January 6, 2020, introducing the circus to Puerto Rico with thrills, performances, live entertainment, activities, cuisine, decorative lighting, and caricatures.
En La Feria The Park
  • San Juan Christmas Boat Parade: This parade, held by Club Náutico de San Juan, will lighten the San Juan Bay on the evening of December 14, 2019, as boats decked with colorful holiday lights go around.
Main Street Electrical Parade Boat – Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

Traveling Advice When Visiting Puerto Rico in December

Because December is the most crowded time of the year for both locals and visitors, you should expect to experience more people and more expensive accommodations and airfares. Thus, plan ahead of time to get the cheapest bargains.

While most shops open on Christmas Eve of December 24, Christmas Day of December 25 is a national celebration. Therefore, nearly all establishments are off on that day.

Traveling Advice When Visiting Puerto Rico in December

The Christmas season is the peak tourist period in Puerto Rico. – Canario Lagoon Hotel

Additionally, stores and services often operate normally on December 31st for New Year’s Eve. Yet, this only works for most businesses. Thus, confirm with specific establishments for closures or any adjustment in schedules.

Finally, traveling around Puerto Rico is relatively easy and affordable. You have plenty of public transit options in Puerto Rico as railways, and buses are all available. If you prefer to walk and see for yourself, Old San Juan and Ponce are two of the most walkable areas of the city, from which you could see ancient colonial buildings.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, now you clear off your worries about Puerto Rico weather in December. Although it isn’t the best time to visit the area (concerning the climate), it definitely holds the most fun and cultural quintessence. 

Thus, it’s no wonder why December is always the peak travel season in Puerto Rico. Visit it in December, and you’ll know what a lifetime experience is!

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