Weather In Greece – The Best Reason To Visit The Land Of The Gods

Are you looking for a sensational destination but on a limited budget? Here is the solution: Greece! Blessed by the Gods, the paradisiacal land makes the blue look even happier than anywhere else on Earth. Blue for the sky and blue for the sea. Both are infinite in all seasons, even during weather in Greece in September.

Of note, the country of endless white will also offer you a luxurious setting: white for the swell at the shore and white for countless chapels and houses on divine islands. If it takes more to convince you, here are great reasons to wow your loved ones or your family for an idyllic getaway in the land of the sun.

Weather In Greece

It’s no surprise many national and foreign visitors are mesmerized by the weather in Greece. In a word, it is amazing. A typical Mediterranean climate is the best gift ever from Mother Nature: short rainy winter and long dry and hot summer with clear blue skies and sunny days! Given that there are more than 300 sunny days a year in Greece, it can be an ideal destination to make a holiday visit. 

Weather in Greece in November
Weather in Greece in September – Source: Facebook

Whether you are planning for a solo trip, a group trip, a family trip, a honeymoon trip, or a romantic trip, the land of the Gods always has something to arouse your interests. Greek island exploration, beach parties, sight-seeings, and nightlife experiences are what many opt for. But let’s think first: what is the best time to visit Greece and enjoy these amusing activities? This answer may help: 

  • Greek islands: from June to September
  • Nightlife and beach parties: in July and in August (it cost you an arm and a leg, though. But in all of this, your experience is something unique and priceless)
  • Sightseeing: from March to November

Okay, then let’s see what the weather in Greece is like in certain months. You may not want to make your holiday visit a disaster without being acknowledged about what to bring or what to do then. 

Weather In Greece In June

Summer is here. Be prepared for the heat and some crowds, as it is the time for lots of sunshine and tourists. There is hardly a chance of rain during the summertime, and some days’ temperature can go over 30°C. You can enjoy the cooler nights here as the temperature rarely drops below 20°C. If you plan to go to the beach, it will be an ideal time to dip at 24°C. Don’t forget to bring lightweight clothing, and be sure to pack sunscreen, sun protection, a bathing suit, and even a wide-brimmed hat.

Weather in Greece in summer
Weather in Greece in June – Source: Touropia

Weather In Greece In September

September marks one of the best times of the year to visit Greece. Fall is in the air, but it will still feel warm throughout Greece. The high temperature falls somewhere between 20°C and 29°C, making things a lot more pleasant. Yet the sea temperature is quite warm, meaning it is not a big deal to go swimming at 24°C. When packing for September, you may want to bring lightweight clothing, like a light sweater, a jacket, short-sleeve shirts for those cooler evenings, and a bathing suit, of course.

Weather in Greece in September
Weather in Greece in September – Source: Tripadvisor

Weather In Greece In November

If you want to explore something offbeat in Greece, there is no better time than November. Fewer tourists and discounted rates make it an enjoyable month for hikes and sightseeing. However, just be aware that some places may be starting to shut down for the winter. Ferry or flight schedules are more limited during the low season.  

Weather in Greece in November
Weather in Greece in November – Source: Amazon

While there may be grey skies and greater chances of rain, some days are still warm and sunny. With that said, the weather in Greece in November typically brings tourists a mix of comfortably warm and sunny, with a pleasant temperature that ranges from 13°C to 17°C. As for the nights, the temperature can fall a bit lower. A mix of clothing for both warmer and cooler weather is more necessary now. You can also bring a portable umbrella due to occasional rain showers. 

Weather In Greece In December

Things are noticeably cooling in December, making it one of the coldest months in Greece. You will definitely need your warm winter coat, as the average max temperature is 13°C. In general, it is not warm enough for you to go swimming or soak up the sun on the sand. But does it snow in Greece? The answer is ‘yes’, but for certain parts of the country.

Weather in Greece in December
Weather in Greece in December – Source: Unsplash

In central or Northern Greece, the temperature occasionally drops below freezing. Thus, it is likely for a chance of snow, bringing a nice opportunity to ski in the mountains. 

It is important to note that rainfall increases quite a bit in December. So, in addition to a warm rain jacket, long pants and sweaters, you may need some good boots, a hat and a pair of gloves. 

Average Budget Per Person In Greece

It’s totally cheap! As the country is slowly recovering from the crisis, the average budget remains reasonable for an exquisite vacation for most tourists.You should consider expenses revolving around gastronomy, accommodation, local transfers, sightseeing, and shopping before travelling. However, you had better carry extra cash when traveling to Greece during the amazing weather in Greece in September.

Average budget per person in Greece
Average budget per person in Greece – Source: Finnsaway

Best Places To Visit In Greece in 2022

So, where to go when you are traveling to Greece during the weather in Greece in September or such? If you are still in the dark about your itinerary, let us inspire you with some nice options.

You will love the diversity of the magnificent panoramas in this blue and white heaven. 16,000 km of coastline offers countless paradisiacal beaches and charming bays. Half of them can be found on the mainland, while the rest on the thousands of Greek islands have nothing to envy about the beauty of the mainland. 

Travel to Greece
The blessed land of the Gods – Source: Wikipedia

If you are planning a trip to the west coast, don’t miss the chance to cherish every moment on the Ionian Sea. For an east-coast trip, it is the Aegean Sea. The sunrise and the sunset are sumptuous along the coastline, making flaming skies in an enchanting setting. 

With stunning coves by cliffs or beaches surrounded by green nature, the diversity in Greece is definitely a nice treat. 

Greece is literally a vast archeological site. Peloponnese, Athens, Delphi, Nafplion, and Olympia have nothing short of excitement. Their archeological sites are as amazing as the breathtaking landscape.

As for the region of Meteora, you will enjoy exploring the monasteries built on the top of immense rocky peaks. 

Meteora in Greece
Meteora in Greece – Source: Greeka

Hope to see your most beautiful photos of the sumptuous country!

The Last Thought

Are you looking for a dream vacation without breaking the bank? You now have got the answer: Greece! Whether you are looking forward to a sensational holiday in the weather in Greece in September, in November, or in December, the splendid country always has something to offer. The beaches of white sand and the thrilling trip will fascinate you. Activities in Greece are nice, too. Take advantage of good deals, and go for the last-minute offers! If you are still hesitant, subscribe to our newsletters to not miss out on a good starting opportunity!

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