7 Best Things To Do In Aiken SC – Is The Charming City Worth Visiting?

What do you prefer, indoor or outdoor activities? No matter what you choose, Aiken (South Carolina) has something for everyone! This charming city offers many amazing findings, whether you come during the cooler months or the peak summer heat. You can learn about local history at one of their museums or check out some great art galleries. You can go hiking, picnic in the woods, or stroll along the riverfront. No matter what you love, you can find it in the City of Trees. If you’re considering visiting Aiken this weekend , here’s a list of the best things to do in Aiken, SC

7 Must-try Things To Do In Aiken SC

Check Out The Aiken County Historical Museum

One of the city’s iconic “Winter Colony” residences is now the home of the Aiken County Historical Museum. This special landmark will enthrall visitors with details about Aiken’s past, present, and future. 

What makes the ACHM stand out? Well, unlike many other museums, it is a living one with often changing exhibits. Residents regularly donate items to the museum for a specific show.

One of the city's renowned "Winter Colony" homes is where the Aiken County Historical Museum is situated.
One of the city’s famous “Winter Colony” residences serves as the home of the Aiken County Historical Museum – Source: scpictureproject

Enjoy Aiken’s Makin Festival

Over the first weekend in September, artists and amateurs come to Aiken’s Makin Festival to showcase their creations to the public. Along with freshly baked bread and sweets, visitors may find many unique items made by regional and local craftsmen.

Here, you can sense the aroma of kettle corn and funnel cakes, admire vibrant paintings and creative crafts, and share the joy of shoppers who find the perfect gift for a special someone. 

Families can have a good time at Aiken's Makin, and merchants can make a lot of money.
Families can have a good time at Aiken’s Makin. Source: everfest

Personalized gifts, handcrafted clothing, handmade cards and home-made pickles are just a few of the many mediums available at Aiken’s Makin. On-site artists and artisans are very welcoming; they would love to share details about their work and inspirations with guests. 

Watch A Workout At The Aiken Training Track In The Morning.

When you are in Aiken, set the alarm, grab a camera and a thermos of hot coffee, and head to the Aiken track. Even if you are not a morning person, you’ll be pleased you did.

In contrast to the expansive, crowded tracks you’ll find in  Novi or Bossier, this one-mile circle offers a little retreat. Watching the horses maneuver about the foggy path has a certain allure; if it weren’t for the drumroll of their hoofbeats, you might mistake them for ghosts. The track also holds events all year round, such as the Aiken Trials in March.

The track hosts events all year long, including the Aiken Trials in March.
The track also hosts events throughout the year. Source: wikipedia

Make A Dog-Friendly Days Out At Gardens and Other Cool Spaces

The neighboring state, Isle of Palms, may have a more vibrant beach. So what does Aiken offer? The Citizens Park in South Carolina boasts the pet-friendly Citizens Park Trail! 

Numerous green spaces and sports grounds can be found along this path. Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed in Citizens Park’s facility or gated areas, and they need to be on a leash on the trail.

Along Citizens Park Trail, there are several parks and athletic facilities.
Along the Citizens Park Trail, there are a lot of parks and sports facilities. Source: playeasy

Dendrophiles may visit Hopeland Gardens, a 14-acre public park in downtown Aiken, SC, to see the indigenous flora and enormous oak trees. From May to August, evening outdoor concerts are held every Monday. In the summer, cool yourself off in Citizens Park Sprayground’s numerous water slides and sprays.

Visit Hopeland Gardens, a 14-acre park in the heart of Aiken, South Carolina.
Visit the 14-acre public park Hopeland Gardens in Aiken, South Carolina. Source: wedding-spot

Explore Hitchcock Woods On Horseback

Hitchcock Woods is a terrific destination if you want to partake in Aiken’s equestrian culture. Over 2,100 acres of sandy paths, thinly covered woods, and breathtaking open spaces make this ecological park a refuge for nature enthusiasts.

Exploring the rugged terrain and forested pathways on a horse is a thrilling experience. If you don’t have a horse, you may arrange a horseback riding excursion with one of the local companies. Or, you could take a leisurely stroll around the area and watch the horses and their riders pass by.

In any case, the park’s serene ambiance is something you won’t find anywhere else in the country.

A great place to experience Aiken's equestrian lifestyle is Hitchcock Woods.
Hitchcock Woods is a terrific location to partake in Aiken’s equestrian culture. Source: scpictureproject

Take Part In Water Activities At Aiken State Park

Aiken State Park is outstanding for its natural beauty and rich history.

 Aiken State Park offers kayaking, paddling, fishing, and other exciting activities. The South Edisto River flows through the well-loved water recreation area of Aiken State Park.

The state park takes pride in the stunning 1.7-mile kayak and canoe track, which meanders along the southern branch of the river. It attracts millions of paddlers from all over the region. There are also 25 campsites, three rentable picnic areas, and four lakes where guests can enjoy fishing.

Aiken State Park stands out for its great natural beauty and distinctive history.
Due to its great natural beauty and rich history, Aiken State Park is one-of-a-kind. Source: scnatureadventures

Enjoy The Best Restaurants In Aiken

Thanks to its fantastic dining options, Aiken is becoming more and more popular with foodies. Some of the local favorites are Whiskey Alley, Aiken Brewing, The Whitney, Sheffields, and Fuse. They all serve delicious food and top-notch drinks for you to indulge in after a long day of adventures. 

Aiken is quickly becoming a well-liked culinary destination.
Aiken is increasingly becoming a well-liked vacation spot for foodies. Source: familydestinationsguide

Whiskey Alley is Enjoyfuntrip’s absolute favorite location to sip. The whiskey options will please even the most ardent devotee. The Willcox Restaurant has a warm and elegant atmosphere that makes you want to linger over your meal for the best dining experience. Relax in the bar area near the fireplace with an aperitif, a glass of wine, or an after-dinner cocktail.

Take a trip down Laurens Street to see exciting places to eat in Aiken, boutiques, and galleries. Maybe you’ll find the ideal present for your soulmate!

Final Thought

The top things to do in Aiken, SC, include visiting unusual museums and discovering mysterious natural wonders that you won’t find anywhere else.

So why not make Aiken your first pick during your upcoming vacation?

While visiting this wonderful city, you’ll have loads of adventures, firsts, and new relationships.

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