7 Things To Do In Williamstown KY: Explore The Quirkiest Small Town In America

Let’s begin with an interesting fact: 

Did you know there are two cities that share the name “Williamstown” in the U.S?

Well, you probably didn’t. That name would remind most people of the college town in Massachusetts, and I understand why. Being a modern wonderland where natural beauty meets arts and academia, Williamstown MA, surely deserves all the attention it gets. 

But today’s spotlight is the lowkey one. Though often overshadowed, it’s in Williamstown, Kentucky where you will find people who welcome you like family. The quaint town has stolen the hearts of those who enjoy a peaceful afternoon swinging on a front porch or hiking up colorful mountains. They adore it so much that they just want to keep it a little secret, an undiscovered gem on the travel map. 

With this list of 7 things to do in Williamstown KY, Enjoyfuntrip will take you to one of the quirkiest small towns in America. Read on, and you will know why it should be your next destination! 

  1. Spend The Night In One Of The Charming Cottages
7 Things To Do In Williamstown KY: Explore The Quirkiest Small Town In America
Williamstown is home to many cottages that are super warm, cozy, and inviting – Source: Onekindesign

I grew up reading “Anne of the Green Gables”, so when I first came to Williamstown, KY, my heart was immediately captured. Strolling down the timeless neighborhoods here, you can see plenty of lovingly-crafted old houses in cottage style. And guess what? Many of them are waiting to become your new staycation! 

Staying in a charming cottage is the best way to enjoy the serene vibes. Take a look at my recommendations. All of them are not so far away from tourist attractions like downtown Williamstown or the Ark Encounter: 

St. James Cottage

Finding a comfortable, cozy stay right in the middle of this charmingly antiquated small town? St. James Cottage is your top choice! This lovely home is just a few steps away from the Ark Encounter, making it a wonderful place to unwind after a day of adventures. 

The cottage is an excellent choice for family or group getaways thanks to its 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a fully-furnished kitchen. During your stay, you can also access cable television and free WiFi. 

Country Charm 

If you are traveling with your besties, another option is Country Charm. This homey country cottage features bright and neutral decor, making you feel relaxed and instantly at home. 

Country Charm comes fully equipped with many useful amenities. These include free WiFi, a cable TV, and a well-functioning kitchen. What’s more, it’s less than 5 minutes from Williamstown Lake and 8 minutes from Noah’s Ark Encounter!

Cozy Cabin

A low-key place is what you are looking for in Williamstown? That’s exactly what Cozy Cabin promises. Nestled in the wood, this mighty cabin is secluded and private. That’s why it is the top choice for couples or small families who want to escape the city’s hustle and bustle. 

Featured inside are lovely cottage furniture, and fully-equipped dining room, a back deck with breathtaking views of the landscape, and a front porch to sit on as you take in the sunset. With provisions such as snacks, books, movies, and games, Cozy Cabin has everything you need for a lovely getaway in rural Kentucky! 

  1. Things To Do In Williamstown KY – Nature Strolling At Lake Williamstown
Lake Williamstown KY
Unwinding by the lake is one of the best things to do in Williamstown KY – Source: Travel Lens

Opened in 1957, Lake Williamstown has been welcoming millions of tourists each year. Without a doubt, this recreation area is the centerpiece, the heart, and soul of the town. 

Just like user “JenniferM46” wrote on TripAdvisor, “this is the ideal destination to get a little taste of “summer camp”. Here, you can embark on endless water activities, from swimming and fishing to canoeing. 

For me, though, the lake’s flat and calm water is perfect for stand-up paddling. The paddle dips into glass-smooth water, only broken by the rising of the fish and possibly the trawlers that are chasing after them – what a beautiful sight it is! 

Even for the locals, paddling seems to be the most loved sport. As summer arrives, everyone gathers at the lake to participate in the Paddle Williamstown festival. Aside from that, this open space also hosts the Labor Day Boat Parade and FreshGrass Festival. 

On a typical occasion, Lake Williamstown offers a serene ambiance like no other. Surrounding the placid lake is three hundred and thirty acres of lush green trees. As you stroll around, you can hear the sound of birds, take a deep breath of crisp air, and totally get lost in nature! 

  1. Marvel At Ark Encounter: Life-Size Noah’s Ark 

Established in 2016, Ark Encounter is the first Christian religion and Young Earth creationist theme park to open its door to the public. Beyond an interactive and bible-based educational site, it’s the only place on earth where you can see the famous Noah’s Ark up close. 

So you think it’s not real? Think again! 

In fact, the Noah’s Ark here is just a replica of the ancient vessel, but it’s no less spectacular. It is 510′ in length, 85′ in width, and 51′ in height, which are the exact dimensions specified in the Holy Bible. Since the boat is too sizable, visitors are encouraged to bring along snacks and water while touring the 3-deck expanse. If you can’t imagine how colossal the ark can be, here is a quick look:

Life-Size Noah’s Ark
Noah’s Ark in Kentucky pictures – Source: arkencounter.com

For tourists, Ark Encounter is an amazing finding and an eye-opener. Going through the holy vessel’s decks, children and adults alike can learn about details of the ark, life on the ark, animals on the ark, and all the biggest stories in the bibble. You will be blown away by the facts you discover here, things you probably couldn’t imagine. 

The park is one of the most child-friendly attractions in Williamstown, with free admission for children of age 10 and under. What’s more, it also features a zoo and a playground for the kids to explore and have unforgettable moments. 

Ark Encounter operates from Wednesday through Friday, 9 a.m to 5 p.m. Your trip to Williamstown is incomplete without stopping by this Ark, and you will treasure everything you’ve learned here. 

  1. Take On The Challenge At Eagle Aerial Adventures

After you’ve toured the Ark, it’s time for an outdoor adventure! The Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures is just a few steps away from the theme park. Right here, plenty of exciting activities can help add some extra thrill to your vacation.

The Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures’ most well-loved feature is the family-friendly zip lines. As you soar into the sky, you will be rewarded with a bird-eye view of the Ark! There are three zip line levels, and even if you come here as a novice, I’m sure you won’t stop at level 1. 

If you are looking for things to do near Ark Encounter, go on a hair-raising zip line tour! 

Aside from zip lines, if you want to get out of your comfort zone, sign up for one of the aerial courses available. However, since the courses are a bit strenuous, policies have been implemented to ensure visitors’ safety. You can only enroll if you meet the criteria, such as age, weight, and physical condition. 

At Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures, your safety is their top priority. With every activity, you will be guided by professional staff. This allows everyone to take on challenges in a rousing yet totally safe environment. 

  1. Visiting Horse Friends In The Old Friends Farm 
Old Friends Farm Williamstown KY
Get a taste of ranch life at the Old Friends Farm – Source: Miles 2 Go 

As I mentioned, the picturesque town stands out for its rustic vibes. That’s a perfect setting for equestrianism, making you feel like you are in a Diana Wynne Jones’ book.

Established in 2003 by Michael Blowen, the Old Friends Farm was first intended to be the home for low-profile or retired horses. Over time, it has grown to be a popular tourist attraction. Here, you can get a chance to befriend the horses, pet and feed them, and, of course, go on horseback riding

The farm boasts 136 acres of green space, so visitors are welcome to stroll, picnic, and have fun with their family or friends. There is truly never a dull moment here, with delicious foods, fresh air, and lovely horse friends! 

  1. Get Some Souvenirs At Webster’s Woodworking
Webster’s Woodworking is a quirky family-owned store in Williamstown – Source: TripAdvisors

To get some lovely keepsakes that remind you of the trip, head to Webster’s Woodworking! The vintage store is famous for its painted furniture, antique smalls, and, most of all, hospitality. 

The owner, Richard Webster, has spent almost all his life in art and creative pursuit. Before his retirement, Richard received music training and played for the National Symphony Orchestra as a professional musician for over 30 years. “A very friendly man with a taste”, people say. If you are a jazz lover or just have a knack for music, you can talk to him for hours. 

All of Richard’s woodwork is delicate and uniquely carved. Webster’s Woodworking also offers repair services. If you have a wooden item or piece of furniture you want to makeover, you know where to go! 

  1. Things To Do In Williamstown KY – Have A Romantic Dinner At Elk Creek Vineyards
Things To Do In Williamstown KY - Have A Romantic Dinner At Elk Creek Vineyards
When the night falls, drop by the Elk Creek Vineyards for a romantic date night with your loved one – Source: FlyWithWine

Nestled among the hills, just a 35-minute drive from Williamstown, this vineyard prides itself on an exquisite collection of the finest wine and a delectable cafe that serves fresh food to visitors every day. Therefore, if you want to wrap up the day with a delicious meal accented with quintessential wines, look no further!

The lodge at Elk Creek also has a spa facility for couples to spice up the weekend. 

A Town Of Simple Happiness

From Las Vegas to Miami and Roswell, the United States is home to some of the buzziest metropolitans in the world. But anyone who cherishes the rural ambiance, tight-knitted community, and genuine Southern hospitality will know that the small town of Williamstown is, in its own way, just as appealing.

There are simple pleasures that you can only find here. A drive through the winding roads will lead to spectacular vistas of tree-lined streets and the starry sky overhead. Beautiful natural scenery nourishes our spirits and bodies. Keep this list of things to do in Williamstown KY, in mind the next time you want to travel somewhere new, unexpected, and totally charming! 

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