Weather In Key West In January: When Is The Best Time To Visit Florida?

Florida has always been known as the city of sunshine. But is the region still favorable in the winter? And when is the best time to visit Florida? Read on for the answer and 4 helpful traveling tips and advice in Florida.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Florida?

There is no specific answer on which time of the year is the best for visitors. Indeed, based on personal preferences and needs, you might have a favorite season.  

Snowbird Season: January To March – The Best Time To Escape From The Cold Days

Snowbird Season is something that occurs annually in Florida. It is the time of year when people from the Northern regions choose to escape from their mostly chilly homes and spend a month or two in warm Florida.

Typically, this comes from October to May, having the peak of Snowbird Season from January to March. From January to March, Key West sees 3 to 4 days of precipitation monthly, having daytime peaks up to the 70s. Thus, it’s advisable to bring sunscreen and sunblock items like a hat or an umbrella with you.

Snowbird Season is the best time to escape the cold. - Lonely Planet
Snowbird Season is the best time to escape the cold. – Lonely Planet

Snowbird Season, especially March, is a lovely and ideal season for Key West travel for people who want or prefer a break from their usual cold weather. Among the destinations, visiting Destin and Miami is the best option.

Indeed, Destin Florida’s weather in March witnesses maximum rise by 5°F, from 66°F to 71°F, seldom drops under 57°F or reaching 76°F, perfect for outings and festivities.

Similarly, the weather in Miami in March is mild and comfortable, with less rainfall. Temperatures ranging from the upper 60s to the 70s are ideal for hanging out at the beaches or taking a trip across the city. In addition, you’ll have a great time visiting the unique artworks and restaurants in the area. 

The Key West Food & Wine Festival, one of the island’s most popular yearly festivals, usually takes place around the last days of January, offering visitors another reason to schedule their visits earlier in the year.

Some sunscreen you might consider is:

Check these hats and umbrellas:

Weather In Key West In January: What Is It Like?

Although January is the coldest time in Key West, the area typically experiences pleasant conditions. Indeed, the weather is lovely, and the mornings are typically warm.

Usually, the everyday peak temperature in January in Key West ranges from 71 to 77°F (22 to 25°C), with the lowest temperature running typically from 61 to 68°F (16 to 20°C).

The weather in Key West in January is warm and favorable with little rainfall. - At Home in Key West
In January, the weather in Key West is favorable, with little rainfall. – At Home in Key West

January is Key West’s coldest period in general, with the 12th day having the lowest temperature. It has an average maximum temp of 74.0 °F (23.3 °C) with the lowest temperature of 63.9 °F (17.7 °C). However, compared to other states, Key West is still warm, featuring temperatures in January that are rarely as low as 40°F (4°C).

In January, Key West has 5 days with temperatures around the 80s (above 26°C). On such days, we do not usually see temperatures rising over 90°F (32°C). Meanwhile, on average, the temperature drops under 50°F (10°C) or lower on only 1 day in the month. 

In January, Key West usually experiences moderate rainfall (0.4 to 2 inches) for two weeks. Once in every 4 years enjoys drier conditions. Similarly, once in every 4 years, we experience heavier rainfall.

Throughout January, Key West’s humidity levels typically top at 81% in the daytime and then fall to 69% when afternoon comes.

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Summer Season: June To August – The Best Time For Who Could Handle Extra Heat

Summertime is not the best time in Southern Florida. It’s wet, steamy, and scorching, so plan to sweat and sweat. 

It might hinder many visitors, yet it might be a steaming thrill for many others. June to August are the sunniest in Key West, having average temperatures ranging from the high 80s to the lower 90s.

Prepare for the heat in the winter. - Old Town Trolley Tours
Prepare for the heat in the summer. – Old Town Trolley Tours

The Atlantic storm season begins on June 1 and lasts until early December. So bring extra clothing for rainy weather. However, Florida will bless you with lower accommodation prices and calmer beaches than during the Snowbird Season.

Some rain gears you might consider are:

Off-Season: September To October – The Best Time For Visitors Who Have Tight Budgets

In Key West, September to October are generally viewed as the “off-season.” Why?

It is usually the peak of the storm season, which is problematic for any town on the East Coast of the United States and the Gulf of Mexico due to its volatility. This implies that some periods might go by without any storm, while other locations may experience many storms in a single year.

Florida experiences storm season from September to October. - Gulfshore Life
Florida experiences storm season from September to October. – Gulfshore Life

This might be an ideal time for accommodation and activities offered in The Florida Keys despite the unpredictable conditions. You only have to pay attention to the climate, buy trip insurance, and adjust your schedule if necessary.

4 Helpful Tips And Advice For The Best Florida’s Visit

Don’t Think It’s Always Warm and Sunny

Yes, Florida is known as the Sunny City, but the temperature is not always ideal. Winter’s weather may be cold, notably in Northern Florida, while rains are common in the afternoons throughout the summertime.

Florida isn’t always warm and sunny. - Bay News 9 - weather in key west in january
Florida isn’t always warm and sunny. – Bay News 9

It’s a common thing in Florida in the summertime, but it isn’t necessary to ruin your trip – these downpours come and then go, often as suddenly and abruptly as they arrived. Just remember to look out for them and be ready to adapt your plans resultantly.

Don’t Stay At The Beach The Whole Time

Without question, Florida’s waters are top-notch. However, neglecting to explore further than the beaches and into Florida’s wide selection of attractions is one of the most common mistakes tourists make.

Indeed, even the most active and exciting wildlife enthusiasts will be impressed by central Florida – there’s diverse wildlife in the Everglades, recreation areas, and undersea nature reserves. 

The region is also studded from coast-to-coast with galleries, events, and different exciting activities.

Rent A Car To Travel Around

Many travelers who visit Florida drive themselves or lease a car once they arrive for extra flexibility. Alamo, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, and National are Florida’s biggest national automobile rental firms.

Traveling around Florida by car is a great choice. - Visit Florida - weather in key west in january
Traveling around Florida by car is a great choice. – Visit Florida

Indeed, driving a car is considered the best way to get around Florida. Many tourists choose to rent a car when traveling across Florida as the destinations are pretty close to one another. 

Take Orlando and Miami, the 2 most famous cities. Orlando to Miami is only 378km, about 3.5 hours by car. This is faster than traveling by bus and much more affordable than going by plane. You can also visit other destinations along the way.

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Prep Yourself For The Storm Season

While storms can be deadly, they usually give people enough time to plan ahead. Most locals possess a storm pack, shutters, and an emergency strategy for worst-case situations. However, many visitors’ traveling plans do not include experiencing a storm, which is a huge mistake.

Think about the storms when packing for Florida. - CBS Miami - CBS Local - weather in key west in january
Think about the storms when packing for Florida. – CBS Miami – CBS Local

When going to Florida, don’t forget to think about the storm season. The storm season lasts from June to November, with the main phase being from mid-August to early November. There is no certainty that a storm will occur, but don’t be surprised if one suddenly appears.

As we mentioned above, be ready for it – prep the essentials and always plan to adjust your schedule if, unfortunately, a storm gets in your way.

Some top-notch emergency kits are:

Wrapping Up

Although the weather in Key West in January is the coldest of the year, it’s still pretty favorable with adequate sunlight and low rainfall. The season also offers lower accommodation fees, perfect if you’re on a bit of a budget. So, if all of the above is what you’re seeking, pay Florida a January visit! 

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